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I trust your June isn’t going too fast for you! I just wanted to remind you about OFX’s ability to direct debit clients’ funds. Two weeks ago, a referred client had to move $14 million from Australia to the US. As he was based in the US, his bank only allowed him to move $100,000 per […]

Investors Opportunity in Perth

Through a smooth digital experience, C. J. Investments and Partners, a digital mortgage broker, offers exceptionally competitive home loan rates. With a home loan customized to your circumstances, their team of friendly lending specialists aims to give you more freedom and a more positive financial experience. Get started here!

Home Guarantee Program grows

  If you have family or friends who want to become homeowners like you, telling them about an extended support programme that can greatly lower their upfront expenditures could earn you some real brownie points. To help people overcome the high costs associated with joining the housing market, the federal government’s Home Guarantee Scheme will […]

The Melbourne Apartments

The Melbourne apartments (The Grove) are expected to be complete and settle within the next 2-3 months and we have a handful remaining which we need to sell to any investor that is interested in these luxury apartments before the end of February 2020. With the Grove almost complete, our developer has advised us that […]

The Costs Involved in Property Investment

Property investment builds wealth providing you makesound decisions that create excellent financial returns.However, there’s an art to investing right. So, beforeyou rush out and start buying property, you need todo your research and consider the upfront costs involvedin property investment. Then, you can determine ifproperty investment is affordable for you.Let’s look at the costs you may […]

Renaissance Travel Club,a high ticket commission Investment

Today we bring you a story of how mark invested in Renaissance Travel Club more than a decade ago as an affiliate but later bought the company. As I write this article, Mark is no longer here on earth but his legacy is still alive. Shannon, his wife has taken over and is running the […]

Best Area to Invest

If you are thinking of investing in real estate, look no further than Melbourne. Statistics by CoreLogic indicates that Melbourne has the upper hand in property values than most of the major cities in Australia. Over the 2017-18 financial year, Melbourne dwelling values increased by 1.0%. Although values rose for the sixth consecutive financial year, […]

Write down your desires and expect them

Today I would like to introduce you to one of the property investors and coaches that I get ideas and strategies from. Listen to her advice and enjoy…. [youtube] Below is my 2nd property that is currently on the market in New Zealand. Hoping to get a higher  profit(ROI)….

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