The Melbourne Apartments

The Melbourne Apartments

The Melbourne apartments (The Grove) are expected to be complete and settle within the next 2-3 months and we have a handful remaining which we need to sell to any investor that is interested in these luxury apartments before the end of February 2020.

With the Grove almost complete, our developer has advised us that they are now ready for bank valuations to start from Mid-February 2020. The financier may require a bank valuation inspection to be carried out in order to complete the loan application. 

The bank valuation inspections are by appointment only and must be booked through us.

Please note, due to occupational health and safety, no person will be granted access without being pre-registered.
 In relation to the program, the status is as follows: 
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Construction Programme 
The key program items are as follows:
 1. Site set up works –    Completed
2. Bulk excavation   -Completed
3. Basement works -Completed
4. Structure works   -Completed
5. Services rough in – Completed
6. Window glazing  –  Completed
7. Facade cladding  – Completed
8. Internal fit-out works- In progress
9. Finishing works -In progress
10. Title registration 
11. Ready to settle   
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