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Pillars of Program Differentiation

Due to the sheer volume of participants, the programme has a very good chance of being a success. This practice not only helps members save money for their future ventures but also instils a disciplined approach to money management, which is an essential trait for any aspiring entrepreneur. Tuck shops, carpentry, tailoring, welding and metal fabrication, chemists/dispensaries, business centres, crop and livestock production mechanics, shoemaking and mending, and electronics are among the services and products that these businesses will provide. For extra-curricular activities, students will manage the businesses as part of a duty roster that they’ll have devised to deal with the pressures of school/college/university.

Additionally, the project and its partners/stakeholders will be facilitating industrial placements. Entrepreneurship Club Members in educational institutions and those in the public/community sector can both benefit from this. They will take advantage of the time off to study. These businesses will be owned and operated by 15 of the project’s beneficiaries.

Beneficiary Membership Requirements and Benefits
The 2 very critical requirements for this project are becoming a member of the entrepreneurship club either at an institution or in the community and receiving training in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.

Why it is important for you to participate in this wonderful opportunity?
Because A “Prosperous Middle-Income Nation by 2030” vision has been launched by Zambia. More and more people are paying attention to entrepreneurship. For example, the country’s vision 2030 calls for developing strong entrepreneurial capabilities, self-reliance, a global outlook, and enterprising citizens who take advantage of potential and available opportunities to become resourceful and ultimately prosperous citizens. As a result of this vision, the international community, national governments, private industry, and civil society organisations alike have an opportunity to take decisive action to improve the well-being of all who embody socioeconomic justice values. It’s possible to accelerate progress and see a reduction in unemployment and poverty levels as a result.

Learning Institution and Community Entrepreneurship Club (LICEC) Program” is the proposed name for the programme. Preparing for Jobs by Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Wealth Creation is an entrepreneurship development project that aims to support the government’s efforts to implement the 2030 vision and its derived programmes of the current 7th National Development and subsequent plans.
Entrepreneurship Clubs have been established in secondary and higher education institutions, including public and private colleges, universities, and trade schools, to implement the programme.
Additionally, we have already established community-based clubs for the unemployed, those working in the informal sector, and those ready to respond to the government’s call for entrepreneurship as a means to grow the economy through enterprise development, job, and wealth creation.
An endowment fund will be set up and nurtured as part of the programme, and participants will be taught about entrepreneurship and small business management while also receiving financial assistance. Aiming to inspire life and help the government achieve its goals, this programme uses a model in which citizens like you apply their newly learned entrepreneurship skills in real-world business situations to create jobs and wealth.
Our Entrepreneurship clubs in Zambia aim to teach young people and other groups interested in starting businesses how to do so. Government policies and programmes on entrepreneurial development and capacity building for job and wealth creation can be implemented in part through the project’s support structures.
We are here to support you and become a business owner after 12 months of training and skillset to become an entrepreneur.
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Platinum level[VIP Wealth Creation Mastery] course worth ZK14,567.95)

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Thank you for upgrading to a more advanced level, a road to financial freedom that can impact your life and others to have a meaningful future.

In this module, you will be exposed to the one-on-one mentoring course by myself and the other 6 figure earners in this industry.

  • You will have access to third party opportunities and business turnaround
  • JV partnership, traffic and copywriting techniques to take your business to a higher level and
  • Discover how to become a business owner and an investor in the economy using strategies that the rich use to build their wealth.

Here is my advice to you:

Do not allow anyone to alter your positive mindset and/or
your vision of a better life ahead – no matter how long it takes!
You are engaged in what I believe is the best opportunity you will ever see!
What you will expect:
  • 52 Modules plus
  • Exclusive 24/access
  • Monthly masterminds sessions with Charles and the team
  • Q& A with Charles and Steward
  • Special bonuses as they become available
  • C J Academy Growth Academy gives students access to high-powered features on an as-you-grow basis.
  • Gain “behind-the-curtain” access to Wealth Builders Club so you can accelerate your results, capitalise on new opportunities and reach your financial dream faster.


It is estimated that Over the next decade, millions of entrepreneurs from all walks of life will create a massive amount of new wealth. Here is why and how you wish to participate.

  • Learn Attraction Marketing to become the most hunted  
  • Exposure to 3rd party opportunities and services such as ONPASSIVE
  • How to create your e-learning courses
  • JV partnership and investing opportunities.
  • Exposure to new and advanced technology to pull unlimited Targeted online BUYER traffic
  • The # 1 Secret to Easily connecting with other entrepreneurs and network marketers in the world
  • 200  give away fully functional Word Press website
  • And many more services in the pipeline.
  • Build Your Wealth And experience financial freedom and Leave a Legacy In The Next 2 to 4 years
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