Bears Save Lives!

Bears Save Lives!

Christmas time is that period of giving and receiving. We are thankful to Our Lord Jesus for sharing his life with the world, to redeem those who trust and follow him. Man had fallen because he listened to the evil one and was cast out of the garden. The devil is a canning person who brings confusion,destruction and hatred. Because he was condemned, cast out from heaven and thrown into this world. He is destined to eternal condemnation.

But we are privileged to have Jesus Christ who loved us and was borne out of virgin Mary to redeem the world from sin. That was the Gift God gave to us. He loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That is the love we should share to fellow human beings today, not only at Christmas time, but everyday. You have the liberty to give to any person, organisation and friends.

As for me I give the little that I have to a charitable organisation like CareFlight. Today I have received an “adopted Patient Bear” for helping CareFlight fulfil their obligation in saving lives in the community. When you adopt a bear, by contributing $49.95 you are saving lives every second in Australia. I have been supporting CareFlight for more than 3 years now. Read the latest incident where CareFlight had faced a challenging situation in retrieving a casualty under difficult circumstances.

The little profit I get from the services at C J Investiment is channelled to this calling! Some of the services are e-Learning courses in real estate investing. The course will be launched before Christmas. Sign up here then click on CJ Academy, register your name and active email to be notifies when the modules are ready. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Health 2020.


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