Discover how Big Entrepreneurs are transforming the industry utilizing advanced digital marketing technology

Discover how Big Entrepreneurs are transforming the industry utilizing advanced digital marketing technology

According to Global Data, nine of the top ten global eCommerce companies experienced double-digit revenue growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, indicating that there are plenty of opportunities to make your mark on the eCommerce world post-pandemic. As the market expands, eCommerce entrepreneurs spot trends that have the potential to transform the industry in a variety of ways. There’s no telling what the future of eCommerce digital services has in store for everyone, from improved online shopping to advanced digital marketing technology.
Smart entrepreneurs around the world are doing everything they can to stay on top of these rapidly changing trends and capitalise on them. If you want to help eCommerce businesses succeed in the coming year, keep an eye out for these emerging trends that are critical to your marketing strategy.

Shopping with Environmental Concerns

Customers are taking notice as well, because products marketed for sustainability are growing faster than those that are not. It is critical to include environmentally friendly practices in your eCommerce marketing strategy to demonstrate to customers that you are serious about your pro-environment stance.

The Increasing Role of Artificial Intelligence
In the eCommerce industry, artificial intelligence has always played a significant role. However, this advanced form of intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in eCommerce. AI narrows customer options and identifies the products that each person is most likely to purchase by analysing their online behaviour. Ecommerce business leaders are becoming more aware of these product marketing strategies, implying that AI will become more important in online shopping in the future.

Personal Assistants with Voice
With voice assistants expected to become even more prevalent in the coming months, it is critical for eCommerce businesses to capitalise on this emerging trend. Consider how you can incorporate voice assistance into your website as you work to improve your eCommerce marketing strategy.

Wallets in the Cloud
This will not only help to simplify the shopping process for your customers, but it will also increase their likelihood of relying on your website in the future.

Shopping on Mobile Devices
Shopping on a mobile device, whether a phone or a tablet, is becoming increasingly popular among eCommerce customers. Mobile-friendly shopping experiences are becoming increasingly important in eCommerce. To keep up with this growing trend, eCommerce companies must take the initiative to make their websites as mobile-friendly as possible.

Selling Through Multiple Channels
Using multiple channels to shop for products and make purchases is a growing trend among eCommerce customers. You can reach a much larger group of customers and increase your revenue by offering your products through a variety of channels.

Social Media’s Growing Influence
For many years, social media has played an important role in online shopping. However, it is only expected to become more relevant to your eCommerce strategy in the coming years. One of the most significant changes in social media is that it is now regarded as a major marketing tool. While social media sites were initially used to communicate with others, businesses are now using social media to increase market exposure and gain more loyal customers.

SMS Promotion
This trend of sending relevant marketing messages to your customers via text message has seen significant success in recent years, so eCommerce businesses should be ready to capitalise on it now. This data shows that eCommerce marketers have a much better chance of success if they send information to customers via text message rather than email.

Services with a Subscription

These services are expected to have an even greater impact on eCommerce businesses in the coming months. By incorporating these offers into your eCommerce marketing strategy, you can save time and money while increasing customer retention over time.
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