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Funding to assist first-time homebuyers

A federal election was held in May, and the Labor Party won. If you’re hoping to buy a house soon, the new administration might offer better chances for you to do so. This article discusses many of Labor’s important initiatives that might be advantageous to anyone looking to enter the housing market. Funding to assist […]

Increases in interest rates in Australia can be met in five different ways.

You probably know that interest rates are increasing. The cash rate has been raised twice by the Reserve Bank, and further hikes are expected. Mortgage interest rates will therefore increase. So, how should you react? What follows are five recommendations from my partner EK Capital Director Eren, a specialist Mortgage Broker in Australia  First, try […]

EK CAPITAL: specialises in property investment and mortgage broking.

EK CAPITAL specialises in property investment and mortgage broking. With over 50 years of collective experience in the banking and real estate market, they are one of the most experienced teams in Wollongong. Their agents undergo extensive market research and analysis training to ensure they purchase the right investment opportunities in the right market. Team […]

Off the plan unit purchase, is it worth?

Data shows that we are moving from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market, according to the most recent data. Real estate investors all over the country should be very happy with this development. In other words, if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming an actual property investor, flipper, or developer, you’ll want to read on… […]

Are you struggling to find net worth investors?

Are struggling to find net worth investors? Are you spending more money on ads in search of investors for your business but no results? We have an answer for you right now… Many ordinary and seasoned investors use this system consistently and are pulling net worth investors from LinkedIn  “We’ve attracted several new clients, […]

Using a Broker to Apply for a Loan Has 3 Benefits

mortgage broker

    Get assistance in obtaining a personal loan. A personal loan broker may be a better option than going directly to your bank or another lender. Before determining which loan product is best for you, a personal loan broker gets to know you and your financial situation. Your loan application will be processed quickly, […]

Discover how to launch five short term houses that generate $5k-$10K/month

  If you’ve spent enough time in the real estate industry, you’ll agree with me that real estate is a brutally red market with fierce competition. What’s the good news? There’s a new and exciting way for you to break free from the real estate rat race, and believe it or not, it only takes […]

Student Accommodation Success Story

In February this year, five Zambians living in Australia came together and decided to solve student accommodation in Zambia by investing funds into this new niche. They formed what is called Diaspora Savings Group to pursue Silverest Investment Project for student accommodation. Each member contributed an equal amount per month toward this investment. They engaged […]

RBA holds cash rate steady at 0.10%

This is a quick release from my business partner EK Capital to our esteemed clients and those who want to be part of our community that we are open to helping you with your investment decision. As was widely expected, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has kept the cash rate at a record-low 0.10%. […]

Resort for sale in Crans-Montana, Switzerland

BUY A PREMIUM TRAVEL PACKAGE My partner and I have one of our clients in Switzerland who are selling a resort as a whole at 100%. The cost is around $70 million USD(but negotiable). You also have the option to buy the control package of 51 %. Number of shares offered for sale: 2,496  COMMISSION […]

Lender serviceability has recently undergone significant modifications

There are fewer and fewer people who can achieve the “Australian Dream” of property ownership. Some people may find it more difficult to get a home loan because of recent changes in the way lenders are required to assess their ability to repay. House prices gained 1.49 per cent in September, down from a peak […]

Invest in Apartments NOW Challenge

In just a few days away, Lance Edward will be joined by experts in real estate and many others as they each share POWERFUL STRATEGIES that you can implement right now to become a successful apartment investor. The show will air for about an hour every day at 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern and cover […]

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