It’s Cyber Monday! Resort Weeks starting at just $199!

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This is the best time to use your membership! Save big TODAY! We have taken up to $300 off select resort condo weeks! From Florida to Barbados, we want you to experience the beauty of these destinations during the fall and winter months!  Hurry! These will go fast. Click or call today to indulge in […]

Melbourne Rental Market Update

I wanted to provide you with a brief synopsis of the causes behind clients’ money transfers abroad. Why people transfer money internationally: Getting an inheritance from a foreign person overseas transfer. It is common for expatriates to have to send money home. Customers are purchasing or disposing of real estate and shares internationally. Why do […]

6 years anniversary for CJInvestiments

investment into property | cjinvestiment

In my journey as a Founder and CEO of CJInvestiments, I want to thank my network on LinkedIn, family and friends, my students and clients for the support rendered to me and my team over the years. It has not been easy to maintain the momentum. Cash flow was not coming on our side, but […]

Expression of interest in IT solutions

Overcome resistance and explicit limiting beliefs. EDC/CJ Investiment Limited has made a business resolution to embrace the application of IT Solutions in various sectors to improve efficiency, minimize wastage of resources and improve productivity. The sectors include general entrepreneurship and business development, agriculture, transport, and real estate. We engage reputable, highly resourced, skilled and experienced […]

Build a recession-proof real estate portfolio 

alternative property investment

Build a recession-proof real estate portfolio  Real estate investing can be a fantastic way to grow wealth over time, but like any other investment, it requires regular analysis and course corrections to build a recession-proof real estate portfolio.    Here are some warnings that it’s time to rethink your approach to real estate: 1. There […]

Want an investment property in a tourist city?

Real estate investment courses provide knowledge and skills that are extremely beneficial to aspiring investors, regardless of their level of expertise or newness to the market

Last weekend, my daughter Kendy and husband travelled to the Gold Coast to check on our investment property in the Pimpama area and sent us this 1-minute video clip. You can improve your chances of starting to build your real estate or any business you are passionate about by utilizing the strategies I have put […]

Discover the strategies employed by Grant to establish an extensive investor network that extends beyond his immediate social circle

Charles Vincent Kaluwasha

Did he exceed the subscription amount by $40,000,000? Yes… This document is an analysis of Grant Cardone’s financial endeavour to secure funding for the acquisition of a Scottsdale office complex located in the United States of America. The following are five lessons derived from Grant’s actions that can be employed to generate a substantial amount […]

Understanding What Investors Want: Key Factors to Consider When Making Investment Decision


Introduction: The Mindset of Investors and Their Goals Investors mindset, investment objectives, investor goals, investment decision-making Attention investors! Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through business proposals, trying to find the perfect investment opportunity? Look no further! Introducing “What Investors Want,” a revolutionary platform that connects you directly with high-potential startups that align […]

Entrepreneur Capital Solution Launching soon


Are you an entrepreneur seeking investment for your brilliant business idea? Look no further! Our cutting-edge platform, “Entrepreneur Capital Solution,” is designed to help you attract and secure the funding you need. Using the proven AIDA copywriting framework, let me walk you through how our solution can revolutionize your fundraising efforts: Attention: In today’s competitive […]

The desired preferences of investors

Investment Plan

Abstract: This article explores the concept of streams of value and how they extend beyond monetary returns for investors. It delves into the various dimensions of value that investors seek, including social, environmental, and personal benefits. By considering these additional forms of value, investors can make better-informed decisions and contribute to a more sustainable and […]

The Ten Laws of Leadership

The five Laws of Leadership are essential for success in network marketing. The first law states that the leader sets the example by being out front, demonstrating the right work habits and attitude to their group. The second law emphasizes the importance of integrity and character, as it instills pride and confidence in the team. […]

Investing pazzle-High risk vs High Return.

Real estate investment courses provide knowledge and skills that are extremely beneficial to aspiring investors, regardless of their level of expertise or newness to the market

So you’ve decided to begin investing? So you’ve decided to begin investing in bonds and stocks. That’s perfectly acceptable! The issue is that you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing. We’re here to assist you with this helpful guide. Why did you decide to invest in the first place? When looking at the long […]

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