Never post your valued content on Facebook

Did you know that Posting articles to Facebook will only be viewed by 7% of your audience and the post is buried in the feeds after a few hours? But posting to your blog is more advantageous because it will be available forever. That’s why we have this system first of its kind to […]

C J Investiment signs an exciting new partnership with Sanjay Kalra and Associate

I am thrilled to announce that C J Investiments Property and Academy has signed an exciting new partnership with SANJAY KALRA AND ASSOCIATE(LAW FIRM) based in New Delhi, India, represented by Sanjay Kalra Attorney. There is no doubt that Sanjay’s global expertise in Law, international investment, real estate strategies will attract new opportunities to our […]

How to Find a Great Brisbane Investment Property

Property prices and rental returns in Brisbane are rising. If you missed the previous Brisbane real estate boom, you won’t want to miss this one. Here’s a quick rundown of why now the time is to enter the market. • What is driving Brisbane’s surging price growth, and will it continue? • The market effects […]

Business Plan, Do you need one?

Alternate Names for Business Plans: A Business Plan is also known as: Marketing Strategy Business Plan Sales Plan for a Business Proposal What exactly is a business plan? A business plan is a critical planning tool used by new and existing business owners to outline company goals, objectives, and challenges, as well as information about […]


There’s a lot of major real estate and finance news going around right now:• The property market is booming; the banking system is strong; HomeBuilder is expanding, and power prices are down 8.8%. Need Finance? C J Investiment & EK Capital can help! IN THIS RED-HOT PROPERTY MARKET, HOW DO YOU GET A GREAT HOME […]

New Empowerment

I have some great news! The internet has made things easier to help smart people like you create wealth while others are struggling to make ends meet. I am sure you were intrigued when you signed up for my newsletter. You saw the value and said in your heart, “this sounds great! Over the years […]

Mentorship on how to become the hunted instead of the hunter

How awesome would it be if ten people called you every day, excited and ready to join your coaching/team? First of all, you need to figure out how to become the hunted rather than the hunter. Answer these questions… What makes a person more attractive to others Why does everyone want to work with the […]

A referral program that rewards you Heavily

‘The Royale Travel Club’ has a straightforward referral program that rewards you for assisting us in spreading the word about our cherished destination club. Whether you’re an existing member looking to earn extra money by sharing our club or seeking a more lucrative opportunity, The Royale Travel Club referral program may be for you. The […]

Calling All Entrepreneurs – Book Release This Morning Plus Special Gifts

It’s official, the book I co-authored was released in April 2021! And I’m grateful that it hit #1 Bestseller status on Amazon! As part of the release, we put together a special offer plus over $500 in bonuses. Plus for the first week of the launch, 100% of the book profits from the Amazon paperback […]

Finding solutions and success in uncertain times

I can’t say enough how excited I am by the C J Investiment team, the remarkable community of entrepreneurs and businesses we’ve been able to help, and the incredible impact C J Investiment course creators have made by sharing their knowledge. Together, C J Academy course creators earned hundreds of dollars in the initial stages […]

Free Tool to Create Fully Functional Word Press Sites in 24hrs

If you didn’t know, Blog This WOW is the easiest way to get your own website and grow an audience around your interests. Use it for fun or profit – or both! Publish content in seconds from your phone or PC using Easy as Email™  (demo) or EZ-Vlogger™ (demo).  Zero learning curve! Watch an example  of Blog This […]

Cash rate remains at RECORD LOW

Our business partner, EK Capital have released this report to educate investor on the Reserve Bank of Australia’s board meeting recently. The Reserve Bank of Australia’s board (RBA) made its third call on the cash rate this year and, in line with expectations, kept it steady at 0.10%. This is despite the faster than expected […]

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