Winning the Game of Money

Winning the Game of Money

There has never been a brain training and coaching programme like Winning the Game of Money to help you increase your income by turning on the success switch in your brain.

Incorporating patented neurostimulation technology and cutting edge approaches to upgrade your ideas, perspectives, and behaviours so that you have more powerful money and success blueprint subconsciously, these fully guided audios assist you in achieving financial freedom. Each level focuses on the most important aspects needed to be a huge hit. The methods we employ are all founded on scientific data and have been shown to improve one’s attitude, knowledge, and abilities.

1. To achieve financial success more quickly and easily than ever before, you need to rewrite your limiting, subconscious ideas and habits

2. To achieve greater financial success and freedom you must overcome self-doubt, fear, procrastination, or a lack of confidence.

3. Clear out any self-esteem issues that are keeping you from moving forwards or sabotaging your success.

4. Find and let go of any prior traumas, stories, or excuses that are preventing you from moving forwards.

5. Boost your self-esteem and self-confidence by gaining more conviction and confidence.

6. Get your creative juices flowing.

7. Make use of your “genius” or Einstein areas of your brain

Upgrade your self-worth and self-esteem

Your new subconscious success habits are reinforced and accelerated as you progress through the Foundation + 12 Levels of Winning the Money Game. Your “wealth attitude” will be activated, and you’ll be more effective in stopping self-defeating behaviours.
You can then learn new habits and the crucial steps to achieving your financial goals vs just setting them.
Money Innercises To Train Your Brain (Audios and Videos)

Your Money Mindset
Try to become more aware of your surroundings in terms of financial prospects, as well as what “A Money Story” is and how it affects your overall financial connection. Get your mind in the right frame of mind for financial prosperity and success by filling it with the right beliefs.

Money Resonance
Activate wealth emotions and feelings, so you resonate and attract more money. Discover the seven steps to changing your Money Story and limiting beliefs and behaviours. This is a powerful experience!

Empower Your Mind
Put your energy into developing the tenacity and resolve you’ll need to attain your money and life goals, and get started on changing your present Money Story.

Let Go… Start Fresh
Let go of the stories and excuses that have been holding you back and learn the six most important ingredients to help your new Money Story take root.

Believing is Seeing
Learn how to develop an “inner” attitude and subconscious success patterns so that your brain assists you in reaching greater levels of success on a regular basis. As you begin to think and feel affluent, your thoughts and feelings will become more solid and real. You may then work on increasing those sensations right now.

Inside Out And Outside In
Use your imagination and higher intuitive function to awaken the creative neurones in your brain and come up with more imaginative and money-generating ideas than ever before. The nine environments that will determine your success can be set up correctly if you have the know-how.

Level Up Your Game
For optimum brain pattern generation, this advanced level uses the “overload principle” to creatively attack your conscious and nonconscious mind.
Increase Momentum
Deeper brain training will help you activate your “wealth mindset” and learn how to stop self-sabotaging tendencies so you can enhance your personal performance. Create the mental pathways necessary to attract riches by reinforcing your conscious and nonconscious mind’s positive neural pattern.
Speed Up Success
Rather than just setting financial objectives, this deep brain training teaches you how to achieve them by accelerating the imprinting of your wealth mindset on your mind. In this level, the gamma frequencies embed the world’s most potent Accelerated Wealth Reprogramming content. You’ll be able to achieve your financial and personal goals with greater clarity, focus, and precision thanks to this.

Dive Deeper
With these six proven tactics, you’ll be able to stop yourself from spiralling into a spiral of negative thoughts and sentiments when it comes to money. At this level, you will learn to trust your intuition instead of your fears, worries, anxiety, or worry over money.

Maximize Your Power
In this advanced level, you’ll discover a simple technique for actively creating, impressing, and installing new, productive beliefs and behaviours that encourage financial plenty. Learn how to use the C.R.A.P. board method to resolve conflicts, overcome resistance, reduce anxiety, and resolve other issues.

Financial Success
The revolutionary approach devised by New York Times bestselling author David Bach will teach you how to become an Automatic Millionaire and master your money concentration. In this way, you will improve your ability to set financial goals and see them through to completion.

I’m Ready To Upgrade My Mindset, Skillset andAction set… To Succeed Faster and Easier than ever Before

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