Why You Should Know More About OnPassive Marketing

Why You Should Know More About OnPassive Marketing

For a one-time payment of $25 from your own pocket, you get all the basic and necessary marketing tools created and based on the latest and most advanced technologies to create a successful and profitable business (any business we do, including ONPASSIVE) and at the same time develop an ever-increasing regular income in ONPASSIVE.

Usually, on other marketing websites, people in the world buy these marketing tools for tens to hundreds, some even thousands of dollars MONTHLY! They need to buy marketing tools, invest a lot of money in the right and effective online advertising, and still have to spend time with potential customers.

However, it will be different in ONPASSIVE which will contain its own technology of artificial intelligence, which will be able to find on the Internet exactly those people who are interested in what you offer. And not only in terms of their interest but also in terms of sex, age, place, language, etc. And not only that it will find Artificial intelligence will even guide the potential customers from finding, informing about a product or service, after their purchase/investment and subsequent care for their further information … it will communicate with them at the almost-human level through chatbots.

Until now, people had to buy different marketing tools on different websites. Some ONPASSIVE marketing tools will even be free. This will result in people being able to find out how easy it is to use our marketing tools. Also, many will join ONPASSIVE and will be part of the 7 days trial.

They will be able to try everything for F.REE for 7 days and make a decision. It will be interesting for them that spill over in the matrix, marketing campaigns of the company will cause that in the 7 days someone may spill into their matrix as well. Because it will have all marketing tools under one roof and will use artificial intelligence. This means that people will no longer have to manually promote on social networks, they will no longer have to manually reach people on the Internet and around them.

Many people in the world simply can’t create a website, they can’t create an email campaign, they can’t set up a webinar, and so on. Our tools will be so EASY and can be used by a person who is not so proficient at the computer and the Internet. So far, tens of millions, or even a few hundreds of millions of people in the world have been using marketing tools. Even if someone does not make money for a package in a certain month, he will not lose his earnings, he will not lose his position and can do business with ONPASSIVE, if he wants to build a team, or just wait until his matrix fills up more.

In our matrices, over time, new positions will be created from people in our sponsorship line – from people above us in the matrix. Our system will also involve companies offering our products and services to their customers. And there are a huge number of companies in the world.


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