Welcome to our mentoring course!

Welcome to our mentoring course!

Joyce and I standing outside our sold property in Wellington, New Zealand,2017

Hey, this is Charles Vincent Kaluwasha who will be taking you in this course.

My brief background.

 I was born in Zambezi District of North-Western Zambia. I am the third born in the family of 6, four boys and two girls. Completed my form five in 1981 and migrated to the Copperbelt province in Mufulira.

In 1986 started working in the mines as a workman. After 3 years, I applied to train as a nurse at Mufulira School of Nursing. I was one of the first male nurses to be trained in the mining industry.

In 1989, completed my training as a registered nurse, started working in the mine hospitals in Zambia. Migrated to New Zealand in 2003 to work in the emergency department at Lower Hutt, Wellington. In 2005 we bought our first property in Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt Wellington. In 2008, sold the first house and built a four bedroomed house in premium area in Aotea block, Wellington.

After completing a masters degree in clinical nursing,I was offered a nursing job in Australia as a clinical nurse in the emergency department.

 In 2014, we migrated to Perth, Australia.

The property was put on rent and was managed by  Quinovic Property Management until we sold it in 2018. The profit was invested in 2 units in Melbourne. This sparked us to enrol into a real estate rescue course provided by D G Institute. The course has opened our interest in investing in the multifamily building to build a positive cashflow and prepare ourselves for retirement.

Since then we have the passion to share our knowledge with many other people through teaching and mentorship. Hence the birth of C J Investing Mentoring Course.

Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom by passively investing in multifamily/apartment buildings and to create a sense of community at our property investments to improve the quality of life of our residents and their whanau.”

It is proven that investing in yourself and in your business is usually going to be your highest-leverage and most profitable move. That’s where you have control. That’s where you define your own success.

Our system exposes you to step-by-step instructions to equip you with knowledge and skill to lay a strong foundation in wealth-building strategies.

There’s an old adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail.’ It rings very true in the world of investing. Great investment ideas fall to the wayside if you don’t have a plan of attack. You need to set the right goals for the right time frame and the right outcomes. A plan should be more than just ‘make money’. It should be more than a thought in your head.

This applies to invest and saving, all aspects of finance. Maybe you’re trying to save for a house deposit. Maybe you want to save to invest in stocks. Maybe you want to do both. Or maybe you want to build a long-term trust for your kids. Maybe you want to build assets for retirement. Maybe you want to do it all.

You can and should have multiple goals and multiple strategies. Each strategy should be specific to the outcome of the goals you set. This impacts where you invest, why you invest, and how long you invest. You should have an overarching plan for wealth creation. You should know what strategies to employ to reach your goal.

You should also have a number of sub-strategies and plans to tick off along the way. That’s why we are providing an inexpensive step-by-step module on how you can start building wealth in real estate investing Faster and start creating generational wealth and leave a legacy for your children.


I would to like to know you better so that we can be on the same playing field on this journey. Please answer the following questions below:

• Why are you interested in our investing/ mentoring course.

• What is your current situation?

• Specific areas where you need more help.

• Saying a bit about yourself and your own journey.

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