We are developing entrepreneurial minds among the 19 Million+  Zambian people for job and wealth creation.

We are developing entrepreneurial minds among the 19 Million+  Zambian people for job and wealth creation.



CJInvstiments is implementing a Certified Entrepreneurship Development Programme to develop an entrepreneurial mind among all people for job and wealth creation.

The programme is being implemented in partnership with EDC of Zambia with support from the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Small Scale Industries Association of Zambia.

The programme is being implemented through Entrepreneurship Clubs at the institution and community level, targeting students in secondary schools from grade 10 to 12, students in colleges and universities, unemployed members of society, especially the youths, those in cooperatives and those working either in formal or informal sectors to help them prepare their life after retirement.

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The programme entails beneficiaries undergoing a twelve-month certification(12) pathway, during which they are trained in entrepreneurship and small business management, coached, mentored, given opportunities to attend different business events, develop business plans, helped to register companies, get industrial exposure and get funding to start their businesses. The programme, therefore, seeks to equip members with skills to identify business opportunities in any given environment, create business innovations, marshal resources to apply to such businesses, and manage them successfully.

It augments the government’s efforts to actualize vision 2030 and the national programmes articulated. It augments the government’s efforts in actualizing vision 2030 and the national programmes as articulated in the 8th National Development and other subsidiary plans of making our country a prosperous and Poverty free Society with Sustainable Employment Opportunities that Guarantee Wealth for its People.

Programme Operational Areas

The entrepreneurship development programme is a national wide programme open to all interested and ready to respond to the government‘s call to take up entrepreneurship as a vehicle to grow and diversify the economy through enterprise development, job and wealth creation. Despite having recruited district programme facilitators for 23 districts in the first cycle, the programme is being gradually and systematically rolled out, starting with the Nyimba district of the eastern province of Zambia

Programme Beneficiary Targets

Every district programme facilitator is expected to mobilize a total of 150 beneficiaries, put in 5 groups of 30 each. This, therefore, means that for the 23 districts in the first cycle, 3,450 beneficiaries are expected to be reached. It follows that a total of 17,400 beneficiaries will be reached once the program is rolled out to all the 116 districts

Proposed Areas of Collaboration

Training in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

Training in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management is a fulcrum of the programme as it provides beneficiaries with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage businesses profitably, efficiently and professionally. Pieces of training are conducted in entrepreneurship clubs through various delivery modes, including the following:

E-learning: Electronic self-study on our web-based platform

TV/Radio programme: Beneficiaries listen to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

TV/radio programmes in their homes

Pre-recorded programmes: Beneficiaries meet as clubs and listen to pre-recorded material, revise

and consolidate what they will have learnt during the radio programme through the peer learning method.

Entrepreneurship club meetings: District Programme Facilitators assist the clubs in fully

understand the business concepts, administer assessments and give feedback

Besides theoretical learning and sharing during club sessions, members acquire entrepreneurship skills through organized industrial exposure visits and other business events.

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