Honestly, this story by Kurotamunoye A.S Amadi-Rapheal  touched and made me think, “why do we do things in secrecy?”

Before I review our secret too, please allow me to share this inspiring and educative lesson with you, please read up to the end and I quote!

“I went to see a blind buddy of mine, Moses, one day. He also performed something that taught me a lot because it was the night.

Moses turned on the light as soon as he walked into the house.

“Moses, why did you turn on the light yet you can’t see?” I inquired.

Moses laughed for a long time, then turned out the light and walked to the kitchen, where he returned with a pot of tea and eggs, which he put perfectly on the table before turning on the light again.

I cried when Moses replied to me, Daudi!…… I did not turn on the light for my own reason or because I needed it; I did it for you because you needed it because you are not blind like me “..

Then he inquired, “!! Daudi!! How many times have you turned off the light for others, denying them the opportunity to see light because you don’t require it? “.. That was something I pondered for a long time.

Today, I ask you the same question:

1)How many times have you turned off your lights, denying others the chance to view the light while they are in the dark???

2)Why would you allow your bank accounts to expand to millions of dollars while your brother’s child goes barefoot?

3)Why would you throw away clothes you don’t wear when someone else is on the verge of becoming naked?

4) Why would food spoil in your house while someone else goes to bed hungry?

5)When you notice a business opportunity, why would you keep it to yourself and not share it with your friends if you know you won’t use it?

6)Why would you keep a position where you could help someone earn a promotion or a new job if the individual is not from your family, tribe, or religion?

7)Why would you malign your brother or sister simply because you don’t want them to be helped?


Each of the preceding questions is equivalent to turning out the light!

These are the things that we, as humans, should be aware of.

Let us begin to concentrate on what pleases our Creator and humanity. Helping the needy and standing up for those who don’t have a voice is true religion.

Please switch on the lights that you’ve turned off!

“You are the sun of the universe.”


Therefore my takeaway home is that I wanted to keep our secret to ourselves BUT after reading this story, I wanted to share with you what we have been doing behind the curtains. We can no longer keep it a secret just like it is stated on number five, “When you notice a business opportunity, why would you keep it to yourself and not share it with your friends?”


Developing Entrepreneurial Mind for Job and Wealth Creation to support enterprise development

My Partner company, Entrepreneurs Development Circles(EDC) and I at C J Investiments Pty Ltd have developed a robust first-ever program, Developing Entrepreneurial Mind for Job and Wealth Creation to support enterprise development, job and wealth creation among ordinary people, students, interested individuals including those in formal and informal employment in Zambia.

We shall be providing entrepreneurial and business management skills through e-learning platforms and radio series in all aspects of human endeavours:

  • Agriculture, Automotive
  • Construction and engineering
  • Education
  • Finance service
  • Hospitality
  • Legal service
  • Medical services
  • Mining
  • Real estate
  • Sports and recreation
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Others like Advertising, carpentry, general trading etc

This program has been well received and appreciated by youths and local farmers and it has gone viral.

We are positive that our program will have a positive impact on our ailing economy because more industries and companies will be formed. The ripple effect will be seen in job creation and more entrepreneurs creating their own companies in all the regions.

There will be a good lifestyle with healthy and vibrant people in the nation.

And there will be improved services and more money in peoples’ pockets.

Opportunity  to invest

We have left no stone unturned!

We are inviting you to invest in this new opportunity as angel investors or strategic partners

Angel Investors can join on either of the two fronts.

1)Investing in agribusiness to fund processing equipment and packaging materials, where we will be working with farmers in organised farmer groups and cooperatives. The processing equipment and packaging materials you fund is a loan that you must recoup with 15% interest over a period of 6 months payable in equal monthly instalments.

For strategic partners, please send us an email and we shall respond immediately at invest@cjinvestiment.com

2)Invest in businesses that we shall facilitate incorporating and registering on our programme platform. This will be at a 12% interest rate per annum.

So whichever portfolio you choose, we get into an agreement and our VIP

However, It’s a new Programme and we do not have anything to show yet that this is what people are doing. It’s a Process/Programme that has just started. With our past experience and achievement backed by integrity, we shall produce good results.  So grow with us and achieve more before others who may join later.

Please if interested complete the application form and we shall respond to you the soonest!

 To your success,

Charles Kaluwasha

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