Tony Robbin’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint course Re-opens for 48 hrs Only…

Tony Robbin’s Knowledge Broker Blueprint course Re-opens for 48 hrs Only…

When the Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course + 12 Months Mindmint Software (+ all the crazy bonuses) actually shut down Monday at midnight, Tony & Dean said people were in shock!

It’s true… yesterday morning they said their team woke up to over 5,000 messages from people who couldn’t believe it, who wanted in and didn’t think we would actually close the offer down.

But what’s crazy is that they emailed and texted everyone plenty to get the point across that this was actually CLOSING! But after reading through so many of those messages they saw two main things people were asking:

“Can you please let me into the course?! I didn’t believe it was actually gonna close, I thought I could get in later!”
And the other HUGE thing was asking if they could create a more affordable payment option…
And this really hit their hearts… I mean, they don’t want anyone to be left behind and miss out…

…but they also had a hard close date.

So the brainstorming with their team was non stop for hours to come up with a decision on what to do next.

So after being up much of the night obsessing, they came up with a solution that solves all issues and they decided to do something they RARELY do…

Here is what they are doing: 

  • They’re reopening the offer for 48 hours  – Problem #1 solved
  • They created an 8-payment option, meaning you can have KBB in your hands today for your first payment of $299 – Problem #2 solved
  • They couldn’t offer the exact same package as before but it’s darn close… you’ll still get the amazing bonuses, the KBB course, the Mindmint software and membership in the private Facebook community! It’s just a little different – problem #3 solve.

This is your very limited time second chance.

Dean even filmed a quick 3 minute video for you to explain why we reopened and how you can still get in… there is even a really cool PayPal option.

Go watch the new video now and get enrolled before this offer goes away (for good this time) at midnight PST tomorrow!

Second chances don’t always come around…

But now you have the opportunity to get enrolled and see why the time is right and you’re the perfect candidate to make an impact and achieve success by sharing what you already know 🙂

With love,


P.S. When they say this closes at midnight tomorrow they mean it… there will not be a third chance to get enrolled with this offer.

So don’t call their bluff this time – take action today!

Click below to watch the video and get enrolled before this offer expires for good


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