The first Technology System In the world that brings more investors to you

The first Technology System In the world that brings more investors to you

By using a 3 tiered scientific system, now banned in the political world as deemed too powerful, are now able to provide Real Estate leaders like yourself a solution to the problem created by Covid-19.

If I was able to tell you that they are able to produce you a conversion rate of 210% higher than your current PPC campaign, would this be of interest to you?

Who is Trace Data?

First of all, you’re probably asking yourself: ‘Who are Trace Data Science and why am I only just hearing of this marketing service?’

That’s a great question. Well, Trace Data Science is set to become something of a household name within the property industry in the very near future. This is because, after years of experimenting and analysing, they have finally developed the technology to redefine the entire property investment landscape. Through the utilisation of complex AI tools, they have unlocked the key to fast-tracking any property investment firm in becoming a major market leader not just regionally, but nationally.

Based in the Google Campus in London, Trace Data Science specialise in the art of data science. They identify behaviour, trends and patterns between individual customers to predict their buying behaviour, persuasion levels, interests and opinions. Any salesman’s dream.

In essence, they now know exactly what is driving a customer’s subconscious thought-process when faced with a decision and in many cases, more aware than they are. To have developed the technology to recognise the “WHY” in certain actions is ground-breaking, to say the least. This is because they can find patterns before they have even started to unfold, to then further replicate that “WHY” with absolute certainty and predictability. Trace Data Science is quite literally ahead of its time.

 How the technology works

I would like to use this as an opportunity to really explain how this technology works and why the accuracy of the results is unlike anything else on the market today. The AI which they specialise in is called Natural Language Processing. Their group has been working together for the last 20 years on mastering the understanding and analytics of conversation and words at a semantic level. Having the ability to break down language and conversation by mass gives this system the power to truly grasp the feeling and reasoning of particular people and groups before they decide to act on it.

The concept here is understanding what may cause a customer to act in a certain way. Now of-course, there are thousands of external factors and metrics that drive behaviour and feeling. So the only way to truly influence and more importantly, understand customers is to understand the language behind their decisions.

The machine learning Interpretation models

The next stage of the analysis process is called Machine Learning Interpretation. In order to predict or find particular insights, a model must use certain decisions and choices made by the customer. Doing so, it can understand and even explain the rationale of these decisions through the “Response Function”- The What, The Why and The How.

Trace Data Science will use machine learning to gauge which actions are most likely to be taken by certain groups/segments (I will explain the different psychographic segments next). Through the study of language, words, and conversation they can identify the problems at either an individual or group level.

What this means is that not only do we know how people feel, but we also know WHY they feel that way. There are only a finite amount of solutions to any financial problem; so the Machine Learning Interpretation models and algorithms run all of these solutions like a simulator. With an incredibly high degree of certainty, this helps to find which groups will be more likely to choose certain solutions to their problems.

Psychographic Segmentation.

Still keeping up? I’m doing my best to explain this as easily as I can! In order to understand which customers will choose a certain solution to their problem, we need to understand what type of person they are. We call this: Psychographic Segmentation. As you may already know, the key to successful marketing is segmenting, targeting and positioning. Well, psychographic segmentation is undoubtedly the key to effective micro-marketing. From extensive research into social and political psychology, we know that people with certain psychological profiles tend to be more ‘persuadable’ than others. Very useful to know! 

The Big Five personality characteristics model.

When segmenting our audience into psychological profiles, we must use the Big Five personality characteristics model. This is most commonly used to describe the way in which a person engages with the world. The five primary dimensions are: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Openness, and Emotional Range. Other than the latter, you probably don’t need to have majored in Psychology to understand what each of those dimensions mean. Emotional Range is also referred to as Neuroticism, which is the extent to which a person’s emotions are sensitive to the person’s environment. Each of these top level dimensions have six facets that further characterise an individual according to a dimension. I would love to go into each of these in more detail with you, but I’m concerned we will be here all day so I’ll digress. 

The potential to save you money

I’m sure you’re already doing calculations in your head as to how much money this service has the potential of saving your firm at a time such as now. The coronavirus pandemic has flipped the entire property market upside down and investment firms across the world are competing against one another for survival. We understand that the standard forms of marketing are no longer generating enough leads which are becoming more and more scarce as the days tick on. 

New Solution to investors in times like these

Across the nations, property investment specialists are twiddling their thumbs waiting by the phone for that all important call. The reality of the situation is that property investors are few and far between right now, and it takes no genius to understand why.  As mentioned before, there can only be a finite amount of solutions to any given problem; especially to the magnitude of Covid-19 which day by day is causing businesses to seize fire. 

I am here to help your company to stay in business

You can continue to rifle through the whole catalogue of ‘promising’ investors and if you fire enough shots you will inevitably find the target from time to time. However, right now, we know first-hand that time is of the essence. I regret to say that there have been many property investment firms who have admirably stuck with their guns, and in due course, closed their doors for the very last time. It is a terribly tragic situation that I hate to witness unfold having worked in the property industry for many years myself. However, with the impact this system has had on my business and will continue to provide, I will persist with contacting firms just like your own as I know I have the solution for you right at my hands.

In order to pinpoint where exactly the property investors are sheltering, precision and accuracy is essential. Do you want motivated buyers traffic  direct to you in as little as 28 days?

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