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Online Marketing Software Comparison

From SEO dashboards to asset managers to landing page builders to marketing automation tools, the marketing teams and agencies utilise a wide range of marketing software. A wide variety of effective marketing tactics are available—how do you decide which one to use? Online marketing’s enigmas, requirements, and technologies have made marketing strategy immensely more complicated. […]

Spring cleaning can spell increased risk at home and rehab projects

With the warmer weather, thoughts often turn to jobs around the house and garden. And this is the time for property investors to do all the rehabs and flipping properties! But all that painting, lifting, climbing, pruning and fixing increases the risk of home accidents. The truth is, injuries like falls, burns or cuts at home can happen […]

The Secret Weapon To Get Private Lenders Knocking At Your Door

To attract lenders in this competitive real estate business world, you must have tools that can sell itself professionally. One tool that has and is helping many real estate entrepreneurs is the rehab valuator. Having this tool at your fingertips will give you instant, undeniable credibility with people you wish to do business with,partner with,borrow […]

How you can easily present your deal in a professional style

Its no surprise that many wholesalers, brokers, and rehabbers are using this  software all over the country to close deals.    It is simple but powerful tool to have in your business. It takes a few minutes to produce a professional report on your mobile phone,tablet and lap top even when your up and about. Using […]

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