The Secret Weapon To Get Private Lenders Knocking At Your Door

The Secret Weapon To Get Private Lenders Knocking At Your Door

To attract lenders in this competitive real estate business world, you must have tools that can sell itself professionally. One tool that has and is helping many real estate entrepreneurs is the rehab valuator.

Having this tool at your fingertips will give you instant, undeniable credibility with people you wish to do business with,partner with,borrow money from.

This software will help you prepare a professional report,send it to lenders,put property under contract and secure financing in less than 24 hours.

Rehab valuator has helped tons of real estae investors make money faster.

You can as many deals as you can and source out very profitable deals as well as funding partners very easily.


Enables you calculate offers on the go to make sure that you never over pay for any deal

Help you find off-market deals to buy or to flip

Get your deals sold quickly(if you are wholesaling or are broker)

Help you manage your rehab and new building projects and keep all your deals organised in one place

Create online marketing “Flyers”or full presentation in seconds..You can create this flyer on the go before ink is even dry on your contract and blast out to your entire buyers’list before the seller even walks you out the door.

This means:

No more quesses!

No more over paying!

No more paralysis by analysis

To get more benefit of this fantastic software, you must upgrade to premium level.


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