Population growth

Shortage of rental units in Melbourne

There was a recent article which just came out stating that there is a shortage in Melbourne for rental units, and the rents have increased in an around the CBD location. Population in Melbourne is still the fastest growing in Australia and set to overtake Sydney in the next 7 years. Source: https://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/news/victoria-in-need-of-rental-units-270104.aspx It’s a […]

The turnaround in the supply-demand dynamic is already being seen in Brisbane unit market in 2020 and beyond

According to the latest CoreLogic report, the narrative of over-supply and under-performance in Brisbane units has dominated conversations around south-east Queensland property for almost 5 years. At January 2020, Brisbane unit values remain 11.5%. Data indicates that 2016 was a time when units were being built across Brisbane at an unprecedented level. ABS completion data suggests 21,342 units were […]

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