Shortage of rental units in Melbourne

Shortage of rental units in Melbourne

There was a recent article which just came out stating that there is a shortage in Melbourne for rental units, and the rents have increased in an around the CBD location. Population in Melbourne is still the fastest growing in Australia and set to overtake Sydney in the next 7 years.


It’s a great opportunity for those who are buying new units now and get ready for the explosion.

Recently Blue Earth Developer has just completed building a complex of more than 328 units at The Grove 1-5 Olive York Way, Brunswick West, Melbourne.

As a real estate and entrepreneur, CK Capital has helped me to secure two units one on level 3 and the second one is at level 5. My business partner CK Capital has 4 extra units that are still on offer at a competitive price. If you want more on this opportunity, fill out this form and one of us will contact you.

Over the week end I went to view the complex and I can tell you that these units are of higher standards with modern architecture and natural beauty incorporating sustainable solutions to the design as this becomes more important to investors. The developer is putting last finishing touches before they are open to the public.

At the time of writing this article, the developer stated that most of the units were bought off plan in 2018 and only a couple are available. Its time to purchase as prices may skyrocket in the next 5 years as reported by Knight Frank’s chief economist Ben Burston.

 “As a result of a sharp downward shift in interest rates, and the prospect of further RBA action, we expect the investment market will drive to new highs in 2020, prolonging the property price cycle,” Knight Frank’s chief economist Ben Burston told AFR.

“Compared to 12 months ago, this represents a significant change in the outlook when many had thought, including us, that the current cycle of broad-based yield compression was coming to an end.”

Words by Rebecca Mitchell

These units are situated along the main highway, and closer to most of the amenities such as shopping moles, railway station, bus stop, airport and city centre.

They have a barbecue and other recreational facilities within the complex, good for kids and parents.

Investors who have taken advantage of owning 2 or 5 units will have good rental yields in the next 2 to 5 years. Many investors like Dan has been building his portfolio in apartments the past 28 years, has built an 8-figure real estate portfolio through many different real estate methods. He’s been very blessed in his life as a real estate investor. He holds over 600 doors in rental properties and seller-financed notes, profiting him $250-$400 PER MONTH per property. 

He also personally coaches investors at all levels, offering guidance for acquiring rental properties and seller financed notes in emerging markets so that they can create “True Passive Wealth.”

I have been blessed to tap into his training and glad to reveal exactly how you can grow your real estate business startingRIGHT NOW.


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