motivated sellers

Easier Way To Buy Property at less than 40% Market Value.

If you want to make a profit faster in real estate investing, you must look for motivated leads in the market that are willing to sell their properties at less than 40% of the market value. In that way you can easily buy, hold and flip to get your real estate investment profit faster. How […]

Building Wealth Through Property Investing Event

In partnership with EK Property Group, C J Investiment are holding an event on Tuesday 25 September 6.30-8pm at Sage Wollongong hotel, NSW. If you are looking to break those barriers  and become financially free, this is an event you don’t want to miss. You will learn; See how investing in property can help pay […]

My super secret weapon to find highly motivated sellers

There are many ways to to find highly motivated sellers. You are not restricted to one method. You have to tweak,test and find one that gives you great results! Asa new real estate investor, I  do my own research by asking real estate investors who have been in this industry for more than a decade […]

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