My super secret weapon to find highly motivated sellers

My super secret weapon to find highly motivated sellers

There are many ways to to find highly motivated sellers. You are not restricted to one method. You have to tweak,test and find one that gives you great results!

Asa new real estate investor, I  do my own research by asking real estate investors who have been in this industry for more than a decade and each one gives her super secret weapon to find highly motivated sellers.

Whitney Nicely states that yellow letters are her super secret weapon to find highly motivated sellers who are ready to sell like yesterday.

She teachs the strategy, the flow, the consistency and the structure of a proper yellow letter campaign.

Every once in a while… she gets outsmarted by one of her ladies.

That’s what happened in this situation.

She showed her how to write the perfect yellow letter and how to find a list of sellers.

She took it one step further…

She actually walked into to her Honey Hole’s county records office and asked for a list of absentee sellers.


Then she wrote her letters with a marker instead of a pen…


Turns out, old people (your ideal motivated seller) like a bigger font.

This lady has closed nearly $50,000 in assignment fees in less than six months.

And all of her seller leads have come from YELLOW LETTERS.

So, yeah.

You can try all these other things to get sellers to call you.

You can spend money on Facebook ads that don’t convert.

You can stand on your head on the sidewalk to get attention.

You can drop your pride and cold call for hours everyday.

You can door knock until your toes have blisters.

You can hope and pray sellers magically give you their house.

Or you can send yellow letters and close deals every month.


It’s totally up to you…


You’re only one deal away…

Next time you want to send out those letters, try Yellow Letters and send in your experience!

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