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Available opportunities for investors in Australia

  There is more opportunity available in real estate today than any other time in recorded history. Knowing where to focus and how to find deals is critically essential. We have developed good relationships with well-renowned property developers around Australia whom we get in contact for any new developments around the country. Because of this […]

Shortage of rental units in Melbourne

There was a recent article which just came out stating that there is a shortage in Melbourne for rental units, and the rents have increased in an around the CBD location. Population in Melbourne is still the fastest growing in Australia and set to overtake Sydney in the next 7 years. Source: It’s a […]

Challenges and Wins You Should Know When Investing In Australia

This is a min presentation to Z-OZ Retirement Dream Team in readiness for the main case study to be presented to would-be retirees in a few years time either here in Australia or Zambia. In this presentation, I will provide some hints to lay a foundation of what is to come, some expectation and summary […]

How to Invest in Small Apartment Buildings – Webinar Tickets, Wed, Jan 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Learn how to replace your income when you retire? Or if you are looking for more freedom, then you must be on this FREE training by small apartments author, entrepreneur and educator, Lance Edwards. You’ll learn step-by-step how to replace your job income, starting in the next 90 days. On this webinar, you’ll also discover: […]

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