Challenges and Wins You Should Know When Investing In Australia

Challenges and Wins You Should Know When Investing In Australia

This is a min presentation to Z-OZ Retirement Dream Team in readiness for the main case study to be presented to would-be retirees in a few years time either here in Australia or Zambia.

In this presentation, I will provide some hints to lay a foundation of what is to come, some expectation and summary of cjinvestment opportunities that await you. Take a piece of paper and a pen to write down some important points to help you understand what it takes to be an investor before you reach retirement age.

Below is a summary of topics for discussion on retirement and investing in multifamily property:

Skills needed to master in order to succeed as an investor.

Creating Perfect Investment strategy

•Leveraging partnerships through JV

•Systems to help your follow up

•Communicating to attract investors-copywriting

•Networking •Identify urgent pain/desire

•Offer unique solution

You need to genuinely increase your sense of self-worth by learning new skills-

Investor Mindset

Money- Investors view money as a living, breathing organism that should be invested to foster growth

Struggle-Investors know that struggle only makes them stronger.. •Problems-Investors view problems as opportunities.

Dreams-Investors believe that achieving their dreams is an innate right. •Time-Investors view time as an investment that help make their dreams a reality. They don’t wait for tomorrow; they plan well  in advance.

Self-Development- Entrepreneurs commit to becoming lifelong learners because they’re never satisfied enough to claim that they’ve “made it”.

Successful Entrepreneurs tend to leverage the 5 Core Beliefs.


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