C J Editing Service

C J Editing Service

We are here to help you with your research with our Content Editing Services to gain its attention. Our Content Editing Service staff are ready to help whether you are an experienced author who seeks new ways of sharing your research, a first-time author, a student and an intern who wants to extend your reach.

Our team offers extensive services to help you prepare your article in order to submit it confidentially.

We use high-tech software for high-quality editing with real-time suggestions to improve readability, word selection, writing styles and tone.

What you will expect

  1. Rightness
Remove errors in grammar, orthography, gain a good score and correct spelling and scan for plagiarism then fix it for you
  1. Clearness

Make it easy and concise to follow every sentence.

  1. Commitment

We craft every message with vivid words.

Spice your manuscript with a suitable tone

Select the correct tone and level of formality.

For example, see how our editing service makes your writing easier

How it Works

  • Complete the order details by sharing your manuscript via Google Docs, email, or Dropbox.
  • Make payment and download and share your draft files as above. Please email us at info@cjinvestiment.com Work with our specialist(s) to fulfil your application.
  • Work with our specialist(s) and follow our guidelines. We do our best to satisfy our clients/students and build lasting relationships.

Pricing of our services

  • Pairing you with a postgraduate editor with expertise in your subject area, our editing service saves you time and improves your chances of higher acceptance grades. We offer three different service options but many favour Advanced Editing.

Your work will be completed within 5 days. Urgent editing will attract more fees of up to $197 for less than 5 days.

Plan 500 words x$10 You pay
500 words USD 10.00 Place Order
1000 words USD 20.00 Place Order
2000 words and less than 5000 USD 35.00 Place Order
First-order, you will get a 25% promotion discount. Ask for the coupon code before purchase.

Here is a story from one of my co-authors

A short synopsis from the 40 stories written in the bestseller “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a legacy.” 


My biggest takeaways from Ravin S. Papiah’s story:

  1. What you get from your family and teachers can be a real blessing. One thing Ravin learned from a young age was to give back. He knew to help kids like him, looking for a helping hand. Later in his life, he found his mentor (Kyle Wilson), and meeting him in person was an achievement. Never underestimate the presence of these beautiful souls who can enlarge your consciousness.
  2. When you plant a seed, you never know when the tree will bear its best fruits. Good things can happen to you at a time you expect it the least!
  3. Challenges and adversities exist to test your resolve and see if you can emerge “like a phoenix” and hit new heights.
  4. Do not die with the music within you. Find your gifts and share them with the world. The world is waiting for your voice!

Thank you, Ravin S. Papiah, for reminding us that there is no bigger pleasure than giving!

More info: “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy” (p. 155)


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