Selling The Wheel

Selling The Wheel

I was fascinated by the author of this book where he displayed his remarkable gift for translating complex theories into entertaining stories as the coauthor of “Zapp ” and “The Goal,” in collaboration with sales and marketing guru Howard Stevens, CEO of the H. R. Chally Group, he tells a story in the style of an ancient parable to reveal vital lessons gleaned from decades of research on salespeople and customers,a lessons that will help you identify the right way to sell successfully.

“Selling the Wheel” recounts the story of Max, the resourceful fellow who invented the Wheel and found himself faced with the challenge of convincing people to accept his breakthrough innovation. In so doing, it demonstrates four essential selling styles, each requiring a distinctly different type of salesperson and selling approach. As Chally’s research clearly shows, no company can be all things to all customers. Your sales tactics and strategies must change as technologies and markets mature to reflect new values demanded by customers.

Your main focus should be directed towards educating customers on your services or product before they buy anything from you.Therefore you must separate yourself from the rest by being savvy in your marketing strategy.

Your targets are being bombarded with sales messages from hundreds of marketing channels.  Social media, television, internet, print, radio, signage, and the list goes on.  More and more people get their information digitally, so when you’re planning where to spend your marketing dollars, consider an integrated marketing approach with many slices to the marketing pie, rather than one of two marketing vehicles. 

You should continuously benchmark the volume and quality of enquiries from all distribution channels and as social platforms become even more accepted as lead generation channels, the quality of conversion must also be increasing whilst sustaining a lower cost per lead in order to save your budget for future advertising 

Digital will continue to play a major role in reaching your targets

Let’s face it, it’s the most strategic and the most measurable marketing tactic.  Google AdWords, for example is about as targeted as it gets, so it’s important to be bidding on the correct key terms.

Incorporating these key words into your web copy, ensures that your brand ranks higher, and a higher quality of lead generation results. 

Social media branding and lead generation can work hand in hand but they’re both very different ways of creating an enquiry. 

LinkedIn advertising is also an excellent way to target higher end professionals, and it’s still very cost effective. Right now, the cost per click on LinkedIn averages around $2-$4 whilst popular key terms on Google AdWords can cost upwards of $8. 

Automation will be crucial as the nurture process becomes longer and consumers are spoilt for choice

An automated response or lead form for enquiries is a good first step when it comes to communicating with a sales target, but it’s far from the only step. 

It’s important to realise that your customer will require, on average, around 20 exposures to your brand before they feel an affinity with it.  This means the sales process can be long, with many touch points along the way, so the strategy to keep customers engaged is crucial to ensure they’re not lured away by your competitors.

World Class Sales Team

Maintaining and recruiting a team of world class sales wizards in your organisation is vital for ongoing cash flow because:

They are are team players and often leaders of teams that will implement a complete solution. They have the ability to work with and around the bureaucracy of the customer’s organisation soas to “get things done”

They have strong sense of responsibilty for the consquences of the sale

They possess in-depth personal understading of the technical issues involved in the sale. They are the experts in their own right.

They have professional demeanor, affluent, but not too flashy in personal appearance or lifestyle.

Sales team usually are fast learners, able to assimilate not only the intricates of what they are selling, but also the often complex requirements of each new customer to whom they sell.

They often document perfomance so as to prove the benefit of the solution,and perhaps gain add-on sales.

They focus on selling total systems, particularly a custom-designed total solution-not subassemblies or pieces and parts.


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