My Big Project

My Big Project

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Where  There’s  Will There’s a Way…

I have been looking for something that will  one day solve other people’s

problems and enjoy the life that they desire.

A system that will help marketers work smart and enjoy  the fruits of their labours.

A platform that will take away the pain of marking,recruiting and forced income generation paid to you monthly in your wallet.

A leadership that has integrity, passion to empower neighbours  across the world realise their dreams.

Then this opportunity fell on my lap last year in November 2018.

The new vision that relates to what I have been looking for was shared to me by  a friend  we have been exchanging emails for sometime.

When I saw, it, I became the founder of that movement!

It was like a mustered seed, that has expanded rapidly…

From hundreds of people to thousands of people globally.

This platform will be the house hold name in  every nation.

Onpassive Platform

The benefits are massive to those who hold the bull by its horns

Benefits of founders

This tells you that you simply cannot fail– just decide how successful you want to be, and set your goals.
Get moving… doing the very first that comes to mind.
Motivated people say that…
Emotion creates motion
Motion creates results, end of story!

So just get going… doing the first thing that comes to mind.
Listen to your gut and immediately do as it says… catching yourself any time you find yourself thinking too hard.
In other words, Avoid ANALYSIS PARALYSIS…
There are no wrong moves as failures is impossible… because you learn more from what doesn’t work than you do for “successes” and what does work.
Remember you have me as your coach and mentor and fellow investors behind you.
Together we simply cannot fail.

On Passive has opened a platform where you can invest your time, skills and money for a long term gain. For the past 10 months, people from all walks of life and every country have been developing this platform  to disrupt the way marketing is done. where everyone has to succeed, aim to help half of the world population earn at least thousand dollars per month with the forced matrix.

Benefits recap

The effort of these men and women has led to the creation of a  Revolutionised internet marketing solution created from the scratch with intelligent propitiatory that will be more powerful and available to the entire world than what people have been used to  where the rich get richer and the poorer remain poor.

Online marketing machine

The ground is set for massive wealth creation. This the right time to invest in this  specialised platform before everyone else jumps in. I cant stress more on this! When the required figure of new Founders (like you) is reached, the door will be open to the rich people.

Get more details here

On Passive has a heart for  ordinary people like you to have this piece of this cake and become a millionaire in the next few years to come and experience the dream you have, own a mansion like this…


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