Mindset Shift in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic and Financial Crisis

Mindset Shift in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic and Financial Crisis

Mindset is everything

There is a difference in which mindset can be applied to any situations by different people.

Currently, we are all faced by Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is in the panic mode due to fear of its effect on human beings.

  • Loss of employment
  • Death
  • Uncertainty of our future
  • Closing of schools,daycare centers
  • Health workers contracting the disease during their day-today-duties

One thing that we have seen is people are overbuying and stocking toilet papers in homes while rich people are buying stocks and investing more. Recently we saw tow women fighting over toilet papers in a supper market.

But what do the rich people teach us?

Mindset Shift….

Infact it’s the only thing we can control ourselves. As a relatively new business owner, I am equally intrigued and fearful as we pass through these unprecedented  times but our best business  leaders have shown us how we can use our Mindsets:

Andrew Porteous of William Porteous Properties International:

Don’t get caught up in the panic. I learned that in every catastrophe and disaster, there is a blessing in disguise. Just before the GFC, I spent a whole year working on a development project and the unthinkable happened, the lender went into administration. This motivated me greatly to seek other routes of business and hence why I am working with William Porteous Properties International.

Rocco Demaio of Axia Corporate Property:

You have to stay confident, for both your family and clients. This is the time I stay connected to as many people as possible and spread any good news you hear. Whilst infection rates are climbing around the world, did you know that China has opened up their ports and is currently at 60% capacity? Staying away from social media and surround yourself with people who are still performing is crucial.

Cynthia H of Hoop Consulting

Businesses should remember this is a short term disruption, and that employees are the most important part of their business. Keep employees safe by allowing flexible working arrangements/remote, split/rotating teams and distancing in the office whilst following strict hygiene guidelines. That way, when this pandemic is over, your staff can return to work as quickly as possible and your business can ramp up to normal speed again.

We have seen how our government is responding  to this pandemic, its putting economic measures in place and keep everyone safe.

As human being, I am very fearful for those whose lives will be greatly affected but I am certain through all this fear and uncertainty that has gripped the whole world,Australians are resilient and we shall get through all this drama.

Right now I have  two priorities:

  • Keep my family safe and employable
  • Creating course content of value to help the industry grow.

I will pause this question to you, “What are your priorities?”

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