EK CAPITAL: specialises in property investment and mortgage broking.

EK CAPITAL: specialises in property investment and mortgage broking.

EK CAPITAL specialises in property investment and mortgage broking. With over 50 years of collective experience in the banking and real estate market, they are one of the most experienced teams in Wollongong. Their agents undergo extensive market research and analysis training to ensure they purchase the right investment opportunities in the right market. Team members possess a wealth of professional knowledge in light of the real estate and banking market, thereby providing you with a custom-tailored investment proposal.
We are proud to be partners with EK Capital in delivering and providing property investment and mortgage broking services.

Along with providing our clients with tailored investment options to meet their goals, EK Capital possesses over ten years of experience in the finance industry.

EK Capital Refinancing and broking specialist

Investing in real estate can help you achieve your financial independence goals and dreams. We can help you achieve your financial goals, whether you’re looking for a passive income, a safe retirement, or assistance for your children’s future.
EKCapital publishes a monthly newsletter to its members exclusively to educate them. This month’s edition focuses on the recent announcement of the rate increase by the Reserve Bank of Australia(RBA) and what it means to you.

  • Reasons to consider a refinance
  • Buyers’ preference for condominiums
  • Keep your cool when it comes to fixed interest rates.

Why now is the time to think about refinancing
0.25 percentage points have raised official interest rates by the Reserve Bank of Australia. But don’t be alarmed. Instead, it would be best if you went on the offensive.

By Refinancing to a lower interest rate on a comparable home loan.
There is a good chance that we can help you get a lower-rate loan by working with a large panel of lenders, many of whom offer special deals to people who refinance. This measure will lessen a rise in interest rates.

Refinancing a home loan will require you to go through the same qualification process you went through when you first applied for a mortgage.
So, keep an eye out for ways to cut costs while increasing your savings.
Despite paying off your entire credit card debt each month, a higher credit card limit will reduce your borrowing capacity. Paying your bills on time and possibly paying off any personal or auto loans can help you keep or improve your credit score.


Buyers’ preference for condominiums

Buyers’ preferences are shifting away from single-family homes and toward condominiums.
According to CoreLogic, unit prices rose 10.4 per cent year-over-year in April, while house prices rose 18.6 per cent.
Prices have increased by 14.3% for apartments and 24.8% for houses, a difference of 10.5 percentage points, but it’s not as wide as in January.
The Australian median house price had reached $819,00 by April. That may be a barrier to entry for some buyers. In contrast, the average unit price is $620,000, still a significant amount of money.
More buyers are likely to switch from houses to condos as property values rise, further narrowing the price growth gap. There’s a chance that the rise in apartment prices will eventually surpass the surge in house prices.
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Keep your cool when it comes to fixed interest rates.
Canstar estimates that $44 billion in fixed-rate loans will expire this year from Commonwealth Bank alone, which is a large number of borrowers.
According to some reports in the media, the new variable interest rate is likely to be higher than the current fixed rate. There are, however, four reasons to remain calm:
The lender had to believe you could still pay it back for your home loan even if interest rates went up when you applied for the loan.

Even if interest rates rise by two percentage points over the next few years, they’ll still be low by historical standards.

When interest rates rise, you’ll be prepared if you budget for it now.
It’s possible to ask your broker to switch to a lower-interest loan from another lender when your fixed-rate period expires.

We are always happy to assist you and your family with questions about home loans.

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