DropFunnels Vs ClickFunnels: Which Should You Use, And Why?

DropFunnels Vs ClickFunnels: Which Should You Use, And Why?

The software platform you choose to build your business on can have a MASSIVE impact on your revenue and profits.

For the past few years, the platform of choice has been ClickFunnels. I even built my entire List-Grow course around it.

But many people (including some very big names in this industry), are quietly moving to a new platform that most people haven’t even heard of yet called DropFunnels.


Mike Dellard gives a reveiw on why you should use DropFunnel as opposed to Click Funnell…


That’s a question a lot of internet entrepreneurs are asking themselves right now…

I’ll save you the suspense and just tell you what I’m doing…

As of this month, I’ve switched over to DropFunnels.


Three reasons that are bigger than you think… 

Let me explain… 

The first is that DropFunnels.com is the first real, “drag and drop” funnel building platform that’s built on WordPress, and that’s a HUGE deal.

You definitely want your website and funnels built on WordPress.


Because Google likes WordPress. A LOT. 

When you build your funnel in DropFunnels, (which builds your pages with WordPress), a few incredibly awesome things happen…

The first is that your funnel can actually get indexed by Google, and your pages will start to show up in their organic search results, giving you free traffic and sales.  

The second, and most importantly, is that your funnel pages will load REALLY FAST, and both Google and Facebook reward pages that load fast.

Why? Because it provides a better user experience and it demonstrates that you have a well-built website. 

But the best part is that fast loading pages means more sales and revenue for YOU… 

Here are some stats from a recent article put out by CloudFlare…

  • Pages that loaded in 2.4 seconds had a 1.9% conversion rate.
  • At 3.3 seconds, conversion rate dropped to 1.5%.
  • At 4.2 seconds, conversion rate dropped to less than 1%.
  • And at 5.7+ seconds, conversion rate was 0.6%

Other companies have experienced similar results:

  • Walmart found that for every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by 2%.
  • COOK increased conversions by 7% by reducing page load time by 0.85 seconds.
  • Mobify found that each 100ms improvement in their homepage’s load time resulted in a 1.11% increase in conversion

That’s incredible.

Simply improving your page’s load speed by 1 second can increase your sales conversion rate by 22%! 

If your page loads 2-3 seconds faster, your conversion rate can literally DOUBLE.

And you don’t have to change a single word of copy. 

All you need to do to dramatically increase your sales, is build your marketing funnel pages on a fast platform. 

The fastest funnel building platform out there is now DropFunnels.com… And it’s not even close. 

When I started looking into DropFunnels, the Founder, Jordan Mederich showed me some side-by-side comparison stats that I simply couldn’t ignore… 

They were speed-testing identical pages built on ClickFunnels, and then imported into DropFunnels with a single click import system they’ve built directly into DropFunnels…

Next, they ran a side-by-side comparison test through GTMetrix.com… 

On the right, you’ll see a webpage built and hosted on ClickFunnels. As you can see here , that page took 11.4 seconds to load. (!) 

Jordan imported the exact same page into DropFunnels with a single click… 

It was published and hosted on DropFunnels via WordPress, and what happened was pretty incredible…

As you can see above, the page load speed instantly dropped to 3.4 seconds… And they didn’t have to do anything else to the page.  

That’s just what happens when a page is built on WordPress instead of ClickFunnels proprietary code. 

Here’s another example…

The page on the right is hosted on ClickFunnels and has a page load speed of 22.6 seconds (!!!)

Once it was imported into DropFunnels, (which took a single click to do), and it’s now loading in 2.7 seconds!  

The bottom line is that the same exact page on DropFunnels is going to load significantly faster, which means it’s likely to convert significantly better, and make you more money. 

Now Here’s The Second Reason
Why Page Load Speed Is So Important…

According to Google research, pages that take longer than 3 seconds to load will be abandoned 53% of the time

That means that when someone clicks on your ads, you’re PAYING for that click, but if your page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of those people will get frustrated, and click the back button on your browser before they’ve even seen your webpage.

So you paid for the click, but they didn’t even see your website.
That means you could be paying DOUBLE or more per lead and per sale, just because your pages are taking too long to load.

Imagine how many more sales the two websites above would be making, and how much lower their ads costs would be if they simply moved their funnel over to DropFunnels?

If you’re not using DropFunnels, you’re literally throwing money down the drain right now. 

Now You Can Easily Build Your
Entire Website And Blog – ALL On DropFunnels…

There’s another huge advantage to using DropFunnels most people miss…

Think of DropFunnels as a hosting account for your domain and website, just like you would for BlueHost or HostGator.

But instead of having to install WordPress yourself, and then find someone to build your websites and funnels for you, You’re just using DropFunnels incredible drag-and-drop system to build out your entire website…

Yes, that means your funnels, your Home page, your products page, your member’s area, and even your blog.

Everything is coded and published in WordPress, which means you get the same amazing SEO abilities…


Now you can quickly and easily update or split-test every single page on your entire website, just as easily as your funnel pages.

You can’t do that with other funnel building tools, but you can with DropFunnels.

Want an example?

The ENTIRE www.DropFunnels.com website is built ON DropFunnels!

Jordan can jump into his account, make any changes he wants to the homepage within a few seconds, or create an entirely new version to split-test with a single click.

And That Brings Me To The Final
Reason Why I’m Using DropFunnels,
And Why You Should As Well…


ClickFunnel’s “Starter” plan is $97/mo, and the unlimited “Platinum” plan is $297/Mo.

DropFunnel’s “Starter plan is 50% less at $49/Mo, and their “Pro” plan is also half the price at $149/Mo… 

That means that if you’re a newbie on the Starter account, using DropFunnels will save you $576/Yr.

And if you’re a “Pro”, you’ll instantly save $1,776 per year.

But if you’re using ClickFunnels, you’ll have to build your primary “non-funnel” website on another platform and hosting account if you want the speed and SEO advantages that come with WordPress.

To host our “normal” MikeDillard.com homepage and blog on WordPress, we spend over $100/mo on hosting from WPEngine, and a bunch of technical plugins like Elementor.

Then we had to setup split-testing software which is another $197 per month, and then an SEO plugin, etc…

At the end of the day, I’ve been spending over $350 per month just to host and maintain www.MikeDillard.com.

And that’s before I built my marketing funnel pages through any kind of “funnel-building” platform.

In total, I’ve been spending around $500 per month just to host all of the websites I need for my business.

Well now I can build EVERYTHING… My site, my blog, and my funnels, all on a single DropFunnels.com account for as little as $49/mo.

Switching to DropFunnels can instantly save you $1,000’s of dollars per year, and streamline your entire web presence.

And that’s awesome, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

The REAL question is…

If you’re using paid-ads, how much are you losing in sales and ad spend if you’re not on DropFunnels?

Because I’ll bet it’s a lot.

And by the way…

After seeing all of this in action, I was so impressed by Jordan and his team, I even wrote them a check and invested in the company.

That’s about as high of an endorsement as I can give.

But don’t take my word for it…

If you’re currently on ClickFunnels.com or another platform, take the test…

Plug your website into GTMetrix.com and see how long it takes to load.

If it takes more than 3 seconds, you’re losing money.

Then create a free trial account over at DropFunnels.com

Import your funnel onto the platform using their 1-click import tool, and then test it again at GTMetrix.com.

I think the results will speak for themselves.

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