Developing an entrepreneurial mind among the Zambian people and the world for Job and wealth creation

Developing an entrepreneurial mind among the Zambian people and the world for Job and wealth creation

CJ Investment Founder/CEO delivered his member welcoming statement

“If you really want something valuable, never give up, Focus on your Mission, and be open to seeing new Opportunities”

Charles Kaluwasha the partner based in Australia.

    The Club member welcoming statement was virtually-delivered

After salutations, Charles began by introducing himself and the company CJ Investments, where he is the founder and CEO.

Personal History
After secondary school, he worked as a workman underground at Mufulira Copper Mine. Then trained as a male nurse at Ronald Ross Hospital and after completion, he worked at Kalulushi mine hospital as a Nursing Officer in 1989.

In 1997, he participated in the Entrepreneurship Training Workshop and covered International Labour- start your biz.

He later moved to New Zealand, where he worked hard as a student and then as a full-time nurse while taking courses to get additional degrees at Victoria University of Wellington.

He has a strong commitment to the principles of Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs. He shares EDC’s commitment to ensuring that high-quality research and teaching are relevant to and trusted by the communities we serve and that the organization play a key role in being a critic and conscience of society. He also has a track record of support and advocacy for the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion, which is hugely valuable to EDC/CJI as we deliver on our commitment to being a global-civic organization with our human capital development at heart.

” Steward Makanse said he tracked down his WhatsApp number on LinkedIn and he wrote, «I think the book title fits well with the programme we are about to start implementing in schools». «We want to encourage you to use your knowledge, expertise, experience and abilities to support our young people as a company member of the programme. “ The programme will be established in schools and districts and be implemented through entrepreneurship clubs, where members will be trained in entrepreneurship and small business management”.

He informed the gathering that on 20 June 2021, C J Investments Pty Ltd signed an MoU with Entrepreneurs Development Circles of Zambia to provide business development services that motivate beneficiaries and facilitators. As a strategic partner of choice, he was committed to contributing to Zambia’s entrepreneurship development.

He then provided a bit of detail about the entrepreneurship development programme that they jointly implement. He said that the programme aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mind among the Zambian people and the world for Job and wealth creation.

He further stated that the programme sought to augment the government’s efforts in actualizing the vision 2030 as articulated in the 8th National Development and subsidiary plans of making Zambia a Prosperous and Poverty-free Society with sustainable employment opportunities that guarantee wealth for its people.

He encouraged members not to be intimidated by the learning materials, even if their literacy levels could be low. He further stated that their fellow group members and district programme facilitator, including external visiting consultants, programme mentors and coaches, would be available to help them understand all entrepreneurship and small business management.

He encouraged them to remain steadfast and committed to the end of the 12-month pathway to enjoy all the programme benefits and ultimately own businesses. What was required of them were passion, commitment and persistence.

Those virtues would enable them to successfully fulfil the programme’s demands and enjoy the ultimate benefit of owning a company. Those two items would help beneficiaries be recognized as lifelong members of entrepreneurship and off to an excellent start to becoming company owners and job creators.

He concluded his statement by inviting the gathering to watch the video about the eagle mentality and draw some lessons from it.`

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Contacts of Implementing Partner Organisations
Partner: Entrepreneurs Development Circles
Name: Mr Steward Makanse
Position: Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Indeco House, 5th Floor, Room 506, Cairo Road
C/O P.O. Box 30560, Lusaka, Zambia
Mobile: +260 971 032 787/ 760 114 844


Partner: CJ Investments Property
Name: Mr Charles Kaluwasha
Position: Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
Mobile: +61 437 771 036
5/420 Secret Habour BVLD, WA 6173, Perth, Australia

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