Daily, do you feel sluggish and clumsy?

Daily, do you feel sluggish and clumsy?

Do you often feel drained after a cup of coffee in the morning?

Is it challenging to stay motivated, or do you feel like you’re doing things for the wrong reasons?

Learning about your passions is the first step to living a vibrant, engaging, gratifying, purposeful, simple, and entertaining life.

When you’re clear about what you want, only the things you’re clear about will appear in your life. The secret to success is crystal clear.

The Passion Test Certification Program was founded by New York Times Bestselling Author and Co-Founder Janet Bray Attwood and is your first step to gaining clarity about what matters most in your life so that you can live the life of your dreams.

This test is a must-take for those who want to live their interests daily and feel more empowered to decide what matters most. I was compelled to take it and has helped me to find my purpose and clarity.

After the test, the results were sent, and I am happy to share them with you below”:

Hi Charles,

Here’s your quiz result:

Your score is 76.


You know what some of your passions are, but you’re not clear about all your passions. Or you don’t know how to align with them.


You are torn between the desire to follow your heart and your beliefs about what you think you HAVE to do. You may feel that you can’t do what you love because you have responsibilities or others who need your help or money. These are all beliefs that are keeping you separated from joy and fulfilment.


When you do what is best for you, you simultaneously do what is best for others. When you clarify the things that mean most to you in your life and then make your choices based on what will allow you to align your life with those things, then you will not only enjoy your life more yourself, but others will also enjoy being around you.


You already know the things that matter most to you. The next step is to consciously choose in favour of those things when you’re faced with choices in your life.


Following your passions requires commitment. That commitment is born of the knowledge that as long as you put off, bury, or find reasons not to do what you love or be with the people you love, you will never live a fulfilled life.

Luckily, I have something today that will help you gain that clarity to make decisions to prioritize what you love and what’s important to you.

·        How to identify your top five passions and connect with purpose

·        How to live a life that is fun and exciting where every day is a gift

·        The three primary obstacles to living your destiny

·        The five essential elements of living your passions

·        Why identifying your top five passions is the secret key to your life’s mission

·        And much more…

So if you’re ready to identify your passions and purpose and start aligning with them, this training is for you.

Go here to Discover Your Passions.

With my love and gratitude,

Charles Kaluwasha


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