Create your own product to make a “Big Flush” with your online business

Create your own product to make a “Big Flush” with your online business

If you hope to make as big a splash as possible with your online business,
creating and launching your own products is a necessity.

You can make a good deal of money either reselling other people products or through affiliate marketing, but the real paydays lie in being the person
who gets the lion’s share of the profits, as well as the list created
while selling it.

There are many ways to create products in this information age. Info
marketing is one of the hottest ways to create fast cash around today. You
can create (or have created) products very quickly and have them on the
market within weeks.

So the next question that will undoubtedly come to mind is what exactly

should you create?

This is natural, and at the same time easily solved. If you want to write an ebook,

 search the title of books that are trending on Amazon.

If you have any expertise in any area in your market, you can easily use
this to create a product fast. Putting together a course from your own
archived material can happen very quickly.

You can also use video and/or an audio podcast to relate your specific
expertise to the masses.

Think small when you start out, and by this I mean niche down in your
market. Also, if you haven’t exactly acquired all the expertise you may
feel you need, a good way to create your first product is to interview
those who have, and make a product out of the interviews. Many have started this way, and the connections you make are invaluable as well.

Think outside the box a bit, and you’ll be a product creator in no time!

Next month I will be releasing my product that I am creating. I love real estate investing and so I want to show and educate first home buyers and investors inexpensive step-by-step instruction on how to successfully create a positive cash flow by investing in apartment building.I will show you how I managed to purchase 3 properties in the past 5 years. I have developed a new strategy, “Cedar Tree Business Model” a simple system to follow and implement!

My system exposes you to step-by-step progression from laying down a foundation in the wealth building mentality to an advanced entrepreneur not only in real estate but in any niche.

 Level 1 is a crucial stage to grasp the concept of financial literacy which many of us are ignorant about. We do not learn this in schools, no wonder many people do not have the discipline of money when they start working.

You then graduate to the next 2 levels providing you inexpensive instructions on how to start building your wealth portfolios in real estate and other niches of your choice faster than you may think, and start making money that will set you to having financial freedom and leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Level 1 Expose: financial education material(1 month course worth $347.50)

Level 2 Involve: real estate investing strategies(3 month Fast Start Bonus course worth$960 or at your own pace) module available include:

Setting goals(short/long term),setting up your real estate business,sourcing fund, establish your team of experts,sourcing properties,marketing your business

L 3:Upgrade your life to financial freedom( 12 month course on real estate rescue,wholesaling and investing strategies in apartment building(worth $7,567.95), optional Mentoring program($1,250,00 for 3 months),Master Class Affiliate program with 100% commission($49.95 admin fee/month+ Free 1 month traffic from LinkedIn , exposure to 3rd party opportunities, JV with money partners:

  • How to find and choose the right joint venture partner for your next deal, what to look for, and what to avoid to make the deal a win-win.
  • How to best structure these money partner deals, what the joint venture paperwork needs to cover, including the do’s & don’ts of partnering.
  • The critical legal differences between joint ventures and loan agreements pluswhen to choose one over the other.

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Charles Vincent Kaluwasha


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