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Review of Flats and Apartment Investing.

Check out this review of Flats & Apartments- Satyam Property Rishikesh on Google Maps. I have an update of the secrets that the elite use to accumulate wealth faster.

What a Feeling

You will never have enough to give back to the community. The little that you have, just give and the community will thank you. I have been a supporter for CareFlight in their effort to save thousands of Australians by providing emergency care in the country. Below is a”Thank You” email sent to me last […]

Want a 100% success rate?

If you want to have quick cash flow from your investment, find a vehicle to use and achieve results faster. As much as we have the desire to earn the much needed dollar, the  pain that most marketers and investors have is  advertising  to have leads and turn those leads into buyers. You can have […]

The Sharing Economy And Home Ownership | OFX

4 Quick Rules To Overcome Tax Audit

If you are an investor/entrepreneur Tom Wheelwright has some tips for you below: One of the biggest fears people have is a tax return audit. The key to surviving an audit is not to panic but to be prepared. Here are the rules I follow to do this. Rule #1: Neatness Counts The government has a right to […]

Do you know how to calculate your rate race number?

To be successful in real estate, you must know how to calculate your rate race number. In this post Michael Blank, one of the experts in real estate shows you how to calculate your rate race number. First of all he asks you a question and goes on to explaining what the rate race number […]

The New Revolutionised Internet Solution

Marketing online is the hardest and most expensive component in any business. If you don’t have customers or affiliates then you don’t have a business. Customers give you the needed cash flow and this helps you to expand your business. What more if you discovered a solution to the equation, where all the recruiting is […]

Real estate is a product not a marketing business

Many people get the concept wrong, they think that real estate is a business but we say that real estate is a product.So our business model in real estate is incredibly simple because we focus on marketing for three things outlined below: We find deals or negotiate great deals with property investors on behalf of […]

Secure a property at more than 10-40 percent below market value

Australia is facing a debt crisis. One million people are struggling  with mortgage stress and property values are plummeting up to approximately $1000 a day. A recent research done by CorLogic reveals that National dwelling values continue to trend lower, falling by half a percentage in October 2018 citing higher credit conditions imposed by major […]

Building Wealth Through Property Investing Event

In partnership with EK Property Group, C J Investiment are holding an event on Tuesday 25 September 6.30-8pm at Sage Wollongong hotel, NSW. If you are looking to break those barriers  and become financially free, this is an event you don’t want to miss. You will learn; See how investing in property can help pay […]

Protected: Advertising Boost

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Ronald Wayne’s Investment Tragedy

  A wise man once said that the future only belongs to those who have the ability to foresee it and sacrifice the pleasures of the present in order to gain it.  This headline caught my attention and  dropped everything that I was doing. After reading it I thought of sharing it with you. If […]

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