Secure a property at more than 10-40 percent below market value

Secure a property at more than 10-40 percent below market value

Australia is facing a debt crisis. One million people are struggling  with mortgage stress and property values are plummeting up to approximately $1000 a day.

A recent research done by CorLogic reveals that National dwelling values continue to trend lower, falling by half a percentage in October 2018 citing higher credit conditions imposed by major lending institutions as a contributor to slower housing activities and lower dwelling values across Australia.

1a Sherwood Village

Sydney values were down by 7.4% while Melbourne values fell by 4.7% lower over the same period than last year.

In times like these you need to reduce your risk, safeguard your wealth and invest wisely for Bid Profits. There are dozens of properties you can easily secure at 10%-40% below the market value.

1c Sherwood Village

You can even invest in apartments in a new complex, 1-5 York Way, Brunswick West Victoria CBD. The project will be ready for occupation early next year. 321 apartments are on pre-offer at a discount.

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