4 Great Ways To Market Your Small Apartment Deals For Free

4 Great Ways To Market Your Small Apartment Deals For Free

If you want to learn how you can make a deal for free, then continue reading. In the first instant, I overlooked this strategy until I learned this from experienced real estate investors like Edward Lance’s coaching and mentoring sessions.

I learned that not only can you leverage other peoples’money to get deals for free[no credit card or cash of your own and bank qualifying] but can leverage other strategies to find people to buy or invest in your small apartment deals for free.

The four most effective and free strategies to market your deals with little or no money at all are through referrals, Charitable organisation,spying on your competitors activities and networking groups.

Networking Group


This is the easiet way to market your small apartment deals. The word of mouth is so powerful! People trust information handed over to them by frients and collegues than strangers.

I have bought items with this kind of strategy. Last month I was talking with her about how women in their menopausal age experience excessive sweating. She stated she was also experiencing the same problems but after buying a small and portable fun, her dignity was restored and she feels comfortable using it even in public.

I was encouraged and went to buy the fun for my wife. She is also feeling cool most of the time. This is how powerful the word of mouth can impact on our buying decisions.

You may have depended on the word of mouth at one time when you were shopping for a General Practitioner,Dentist,or a motor mechanic.

Even in the wake of online searching-Googling the web or using the yellow pages, the majority of us still depend on recommendation from our trusted person we already know.

This makes the referral strategy so important part of your business only if you uphold a good reputation in dealing with clients at all times. The more people spread your great services, the more you receive referrals to your company.

Joining Charitable Organisation

This is another free marketing strategy for your real estate investing deals. Participating in a fundraising activity or being one of the board member of any charitable organisation can predispose your business to pool of potential investors who may be interested in your deals.

As a member, look for opportunities to give back to the community by donating or sign up a subscription to be remitting funds of your choice to the organisation.

I joined CareFlight, a charitable organisation that provides emergency care to individuals and families in Australia. I have an active monthly subscription to assist the crew carry out their activities effectively and I receive reports. This goes a long way to building favourable relationships between you and other people who support these charitable organisations and can lead to a worthwhile connection with your company and deals.

Charitable organisation

Copy Your Competitive Activities

Dont be an island, have an open mind and spy on your competitor. Get to know where they source their money and how they find deals.

You can even use your network to spy for you than spending time trying to research online.

Networking Groups

Networking with fellow workers, clubs and orgabnisations when you are a member can bring you closer to having your small apartment deals known.

Take opportunity when you are hanging out with workmates at break time, lunchtimes and let them know about your apartment deals and they may be interested or they might know someone who would be interested in your deal.

Don’t be shy to reach out to as many people as you can! There is an adage that says, “You have not because you ask not”

The four strategies mentioned above can be effective and free to use if you take advantage of them and will save you some money in advertising.

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