What is Your Big Why?

What is Your Big Why?

What is Your Big Why?

We all have reasons to do what we want in life and we ask ourselves why we are doing it.

In this context, we are talking about why you want to start a real estate business or take a course in business management and so forth. What ever you want in life, you must do it with all your power and determination to get the results you want in life.

If you read my recent post on My Top 4 Recommended Reads, then you know that my #1 favourite book is The Miracle Morning by Hal Rod. Now, there’s a lot of reasons why I love this book and how Hal translates this knowledge into practical applications.

AND.. if you read my other post, What’s Your WHY for Financial Freedom, which highlights Simon Sinek’s thoughts on knowing your WHY. Then you know that I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy mindset and getting clear on what you want and why you want it.

I spent years in the health  industry running myself ragged just trying to make money. That was exactly where I went wrong. My WHY in that scenario was money. That alone is never enough.

You have to know why you want the money, and then you need the tools and the language to help you stay focused on what your driving force is.

More explanation  is on the following link.


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