Updates to our service and website.

Updates to our service and website.

As we continue to improve our service to CJInvestiment, we’ve introduced some new changes to help you experience better navigation and easy access to content and services better.

As a result, our Terms of use will be updated and will be effective 30 days from this notification, or 27 November 2020 (whichever is the latter).

Key changes will include:

Enhanced Security: We will be introducing an enhanced verification process to our CJInvestment Academy so you can better protect your data.

New Product Feature: A new feature, to give you access to an overview of Smart Investing and e-Learning, will be rolled out progressively after the new Terms of Use come into effect.

The Smart Investing Overview is a point-in-time snapshot that will outline a step-by-step blueprint on investing and finding highly motivated buyers in your real estate portfolio that can influence your decision to invest and build a cashflow.

We will provide further updates about this feature when it becomes available for you.

Website Design: We’re also changing the look and feel of the new CJInvestiment website, to make it easier for you to find information, and to get access to personalised offers. Keep checking for some updates!

Thank you,
The C J Investiment Team


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