The number one “dirty little secret” about doing business on the Internet.

The number one “dirty little secret” about doing business on the Internet.

With the current consumer scepticism online, you need to display some of the known sticky sales Trust seals on your website. These seals will counteract any negative comments that can easily hurt your business.

Benefits of a seal on your website

  • Avoid the current global online sales slump. (3 factors that are hurting small and medium-sized web-businesses the most.)
  • The “silent online sales killer” that is slaying a percentage of your sales every day. (The average shopping cart abandonment rate is currently 63.68%, and has grown every year since 2007. There is something simple you can do to help yours.)
  • How the new Super-Seal” can help your eBusiness navigate this “Perfect Storm” and sail through to increased profits.
  • The psychological triggers inside the Web 3.0 “HONESTe—Super-Seal” that can increase sales conversions, opt-in rates, clicks, “stickiness”, and boost overall website activity.
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YES, let’s do it! This is exactly what my website needs. When you join HONESTe today, you will receive 2 free surprise gifts, free weekly eMarketing Tips, and you will be able to use the Web 3.0 “HONESTe—Super-Seal” absolutely free for 30 days.

Watch the short video presentation and see how this amazing little website widget can persuade people to buy from you… (even in an uncertain economy.)


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