The Serious Business and Sensitivity Of Retirement By Robert Kiyosaki

The Serious Business and Sensitivity Of Retirement By Robert Kiyosaki

Retirement is always a sensitive topic. If you are ready for it, then you are blessed. Many people don’t even talk about it.
In this article, Kiyosaki narrates his father’s story on retirement.
I hope this will ring a bell…

My poor dad died near penniless.

I remember speaking with him near the end, and I could hear the
painful remorse in his voice as he confessed he wouldn’t have much
to leave my siblings and me.

It breaks my heart to think about it to this day.

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Not only because I lost my father, but it didn’t have to be that way.

After a failed run for governor, my poor dad was forced from his post
at the Hawaiian department of education.

Humiliated and defeated, he tried starting several small businesses.
He was a consultant for a while and even bought a famous franchise,
but all his efforts failed.

As he grew older and his strength slipped away, so did his drive to start over again.
His lack of will became even more pronounced after each business failure.
He was a successful teacher trying to survive as an S, a quadrant in which he
had no training or experience and for which he had no heart.

By this point in my life, I already had business experience.
I tried to help him understand that running a successful business had nothing to
do with the product. It required a very different set of skills than he had
accumulated in his life as a career educator.

Unfortunately, his ice cream stands folded, leaving him with a feeling of complete desperation.

As many of you approach retirement, you will look to take that leap as my father did.

You’ll know you have a lot of knowledge in your head that could benefit the rest of us.
And you’re right, you do. But before you make that plunge into entrepreneurship,
make sure you have experience with the skills needed to be a small business owner.

To make yourself a little more educated before you jump into the world of business,
here are some things to consider.

And for those of you who think retirement is something far off into the future,
but you think you still might want to own a business someday, check it out anyway.

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