The Number One Step To Building Your Wealth

The Number One Step To Building Your Wealth

When I started my journey searching for ways to building wealth, I asked many people how they take the first step to building wealth.

The answers I received were shocking!

Some did not even know where their wealth was at present.

Others had no idea at all. The elite people tried to guess that their wealth was around $——

But after studies and consulting with professionals in this industry, I came up with a precise answer.

The first step in building wealth is to know exactly where your wealth is today.
How to Measure Your Wealth
Tom Wheel Wright teaches us that Measuring your wealth can be broken into 4 parts:
Part 1: Your total income
Part 2: Your total expenses
Part 3: The value of all your assets
Part 4: Your total debt
He states that only a tiny percentage of people can answer all of the above questions with accuracy.


Many people get stuck on this step. Some people don’t really want to know where they are. Others aren’t quite sure how to do the calculations.

Measuring your present wealth situation can be a scary process. The likelihood of achieving your wealth goals without this information is slim to none.
If you are serious about achieving your wealth goals and creating a successful wealth strategy in the coming year, take action now, and measure your wealth today.
Once you know where you are today, you can develop your strategy to get to where you want to be.

And if you already have a wealth strategy – the above amounts should be tracked regularly as part of your strategy. This is what we teach our clients. We have experts in our team that are helping people to set strategies in building their wealth.
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