Powerful, rapid way to build a large real estate portfolio!

Powerful, rapid way to build a large real estate portfolio!

The BRRRR(Buy,Rehab, Rent,Rebuild and Repeat strategy) is one of the most powerful wealth-building tactics that I have encountered. It combines “Forced Appreciation” and “Velocity of Money” to allow you to build a scalable portfolio of cash-flowing assets using a limited amount of cash or private/hard money. Daniil Kleyman has personally used the BRRRR strategy to so far build an income-producing portfolio worth over $10 million. It cashflows CLEAN over $20k/month. 

This is how Daniil Kleyman got started and how most investors get started in building up rentals.  Buy a cheap house, rehab it, and lease it out.   The benefit of this strategy is if you’re buying houses in need of repair, you can typically get a bigger discount on them and build “sweat equity”.

Analyzing rehab/rent deals is a bit more complicated. This video shows you what to do.

There is a variation of this strategy that is literally one of THE most powerful wealth building strategies I’ve ever encountered and it’s called BRRRR:  Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refi, Repeat.  This is how he got started and how he built up the first $6 mil or so of his portfolio.

And the idea is pretty simple:

  • Find a discounted house in need of repairs (you can do this with apartment buildings also)
  • Rehab it to make it tenant-ready
  • Lease it out
  • Go to a local bank or whoever will do your permanent financing and get the property reappraised at a higher value
  • Refinance out an amount high enough to pay off your full investment (or your short-term loan if you borrowed money).
  • Now you have your entire original investment back ready to deploy into the next deal! And you have a property that cashflows with no money tied up!


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