Our plan to make entrepreneurship education a requirement for high School Students

Our plan to make entrepreneurship education a requirement for high School Students

Students in high schools will be required to take courses on entrepreneurship as part of our new policy.
In order to develop a great future for our country, EDC-CJI partners feel that we need to start teaching young people about entrepreneurship now.
The “Learning Institutions and Community Entrepreneurship Club (LCEC) Program” developed by EDC-CJI aims to foster entrepreneurial thinking in Zambian institutions and the wider community to generate new sources of income and employment. The entry course, Financial Education, is accessible to everyone

In this movement, we’re not alone. As a teacher in the Los Angeles area and the Boston Public Schools, Shakur has also stated similar sentiment. At Build.org, a nationwide non-profit to unlock the potential of young people from under-resourced communities, she serves as CEO. Generation Entrepreneur (Gen E) is a movement that Shakur, an urban education pioneer with over three decades of experience, is trying to start with her latest initiative. Jessica Abo discussed how Build.org works and what she is trying to make entrepreneurial education a mandate in schools.

We are inspired by Shakurs’ mission to unlock the potential of young people in her country who have fewer opportunities. As a result, we’re more confident that we’re on the right track than ever before.

Entrepreneurship clubs will be formed in secondary schools, colleges, and universities, as well as communities, to serve the needs of young people who are either unemployed or working in the formal sector and are eager to respond to the government’s call to engage in entrepreneurship as a means of fostering economic growth, creating new jobs, and increasing personal wealth.

To help teenagers get back into school and on the route to college, careers, and successful life, we will use our experience to help them launch genuine businesses.” According to Shakur, “Ultimately, we’re helping young people to become CEOs of their own life.”

Students in low-performing high schools in Zambia don’t have equal educational opportunities as their more advantaged Zambian counterparts.

Starting your own business can be a life-changing experience for young people, which is why we believe it should be taught in high schools. Financial literacy, economic power, and intergenerational wealth development are trained in this course. Teaching these fundamental abilities that all of our firms are clamouring for in their staff is another benefit of this programme. That’s what it means to be able to communicate, work with others, solve problems creatively, and have a strong work ethic and self-control.

Many people think of entrepreneurship education as being for young people who want to start their own enterprises, but we want to provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the future.
“Learning Institutions and Community Entrepreneurship Club (LCEC Program)” is what we’re calling it, whereas Shakur calls it “Building Generation Entrepreneur(Building GenE). Entrepreneurship education should be available to students in middle and high schools across Zambia.

Entrepreneurship should be one of the core classes that students have access to while in school if our institutions are serious about educating them for the future.

Making Final Preparations for the Takeoff

We’ve begun contacting our stakeholders in key cities to educate and encourage participation in this programme. Take a look at the CJI CEO’s introduction.

District Facilitators, who will conduct workshops or seminars in various schools and communities, have just been hired and interviewed.

Before the interview, our CEO of CJI sends a pre-interview message.

We have almost completed all financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and business skills training modules

We shall soon Launch the campaign on national television and radio as soon as possible, particularly in rural regions.

Early in 2022, we will begin implementing the plan.


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