Opportunity precedes personal development

Opportunity precedes personal development

Over the years one of the most common things people have told me is that Kely’s message is what opened their eyes to the possibilities of self-improvement and to becoming their very best. That certainly was true for me.

Kely says one of the major influences in our lives that create drive or motivation is Reasons. The reason is the ‘why‘, which have to come first and are then followed by the ‘how’.

This brings me to this phrase, ‘opportunity precedes personal development’. Often times it is a new opportunity in our lives that causes us to start climbing the personal development ladder. 

Setting Goals

Setting goals, reading the books, listening to educational or personal development audios and podcast in our car or while working out, keeping a journal, going to seminars, seeking out mentors etc., so often are birthed and motivated by a perceived opportunity. But sometimes in the midst of new opportunity and the flurry of activities that often comes with it, people get stuck and the motivation that got them started stalls.

Look for future opportunities

When you’re feeling stuck in your personal development quest, I always encourage people to look at current or future opportunities that can excite them and inspire them to take on the disciplines and habits to help them succeed at the opportunities in front of them.

Below are some of the opportunities I do recommend to my readers:

  • Wellness Opportunities
  • IT Marketing and recruiting
  • Free Email marketing courses
  • Real estate investing courses
  • Buyers’ agency in Real estate
  • Travel Membership Club


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