How to write great email subject lines (like this one)

How to write great email subject lines (like this one)

Okay, imagine for a second you’re in your email box. (Not hard, right?)
You are greeted by a long list of new emails demanding your attention.

What makes you open a particular one?

Is it the sender? Very often it is, as we all are apt to open emails from
senders we know and follow. We want to see what they have to say, and will
usually open regardless of the subject line.

We know like and trust them, so we dive in.

But what of the other 95%?

The deciding factor in these emails is the subject line. (or headline)

If it’s as spammy as the day is long, we hit delete without even
bothering to open, many times unsubscribing in the process. This takes a
huge chunk out of your inbox. How big is a factor of how many lists
you’ve subscribed or been added to…

Sometimes we recognize where it’s coming from and decide to read it
later. (when you have more time; which of course never materializes!) That
takes care of another large chunk.

And then you have the emails that get your attention, and practically force
you to open them!

What was different about these?

They probably give you what you are interested in.

They may be a how-to headline “How to (get a result) in (X) days with
(your system).”

They might be feature laden. What’s in it for me?

They might be sensational, or currently topical.

They might offer great content on a subject of specific interest to you.

What they don’t do is hype! The primary (and only) goal of your subject
lines is to get a click. Think about these things the next time you write
an email, and consider the importance of your word choices!

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Happy witting,

Charles Kaluwasha


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