As a business owner, what’s worse than not making money? It’s losing money Let’s break this down

If you’ve never lost money then it probably means you haven’t taken enough risks

Or the risks were so small it didn’t keep you up at night

And if you haven’t risked it all, then you’re unlikely to win big

And if you don’t want to win big, then why are you here?

Business is risk and every day we sail the choppy waters of entrepreneurship

We all know that you’re not a sailor unless you’ve crossed the seven seas

In Silicon Valley, they even say that you’re not the real deal unless you’ve had your back against the wall at least twice

Failure IS succeeding

So how is it succeeding when you’ve lost a tonne of money, relationships become fragmented and your mental health is on the brink of collapse?

And I’ve been there too.

I personally think that failure is an ONLY success when you take full accountability for it

Self-help gurus say that we shouldn’t dwell on failure

And they’re right because reanimating the pain is a form of psychosis

I do however think you need to dissect the reasons why you’ve lost money or why your business isn’t succeeding

It’s painful – I know

To sit there and sift through the millions of reasons why your expenses crept up, why revenue dropped, how the market changed and how your competitor outclassed you.

But if you did a mind map and came back to the core of all the reasons

It comes back to one thing – YOU

It’s all the decisions you made along the way that compounded over time –
from the seemingly small ones through to the strategic ones executed at board level

It was your decision to scale back on training, development, marketing, sales or to start entering markets you weren’t familiar with that led to this one giant consequence

When you accept that all this was originally in your control, you then shift your mindset from being a victim to turning this monumental moment into a lesson you will never forget

This is when your failure becomes a success

And that is PRICELESS

Last week I spoke to another high profile entrepreneur and we talked about his pain of losing nearly $1million overnight.

I didn’t sense doom, gloom and he never once blamed the market

He doubled down and realised the only way forward was not to focus on the loss, but to focus on how to make it back (and more)

He had a formula, he was confident yet human and humble

I was inspired by his energy

We sent through a proposal and within 24 hours, he accepted it

Look, I know nobody likes to lose money, let alone a million dollars

The lesson I learned here is that instead of channelling all your energy
into situations, you can’t control

Its time to invest in things which you can

Instead of looking at your empty bank balance, let’s start focusing on ways to make more of it

What you focus on is what you get

In 1997, a small fruit company called Apple was on the verge of collapse
It had lost its way.

Microsoft gifted them a life-saving cash injection of $150million investment

Legendary Steve Jobs took over, slashed products, invested in savvy marketing and re-engineered the way we use our phones

Today, it is worth nearly $1 Trillion dollars by “Thinking Different”

You can stay exactly where you are today and keep telling yourself the same old fashion thing.

Or you can start a new narrative

I’m available on below times for an appointment. 

Are you ready to own your story?


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