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PayPay is integrated with Aweber and includes tag support to make your list super easy.

Cj academy is hosted on cjinvestiment using the membership software paid membership pro software

Paid Memberships Pro

Paid membership pro is a software solution that can turn any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Paid membership pro integrated with both Aweber and express payment collection tool, Pay Pal.

So people can sign up to your course virtually without you seeing then. The process is directs the student from registering up to cart and when payment is completed he or she will be returned to home page to start his or her training.

With the Cavid 19 people are in lockdown hence not allowed to go to physical universities or colleges to learn. Instead, all lessons are done virtually in your own home.

If you are intenfing to start a coaching course, this is the right platform to start your business, do leave money on the table. Things are changing the way we used to do business.

You can start your coaching business by signing here for free.

Plus and Unlimited Membership include a 100% money-back guarantee.
If within 30 days of purchase you decide not to use our software and services, you may request a full refund.


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