Bringing together leaders in real estate and finance

Bringing together leaders in real estate and finance

Real estate and money go hand in hand; discussing real estate without considering finances, investments, and budgets is impossible. The MoRe 2.0 Conference is aware of this need and seeks to offer the experts in the money and real estate industries a special opportunity to learn about the most recent advancements and breakthroughs in both fields.

All financial executives and real estate specialists have a platform to discuss financing sources, investment opportunities, property trends, and risk-reduction strategies at the MoRe 2.0 Conference. One learns about the newest technologies and methods that can assist established or emerging financial and real estate leaders in upgrading their firms, attracting more clients, and experiencing fresh growth through its highly interesting and thought-provoking workshops. Spend three days interacting with the leading figures in finance and real estate while learning how to create a successful company from the ground up.

I am excited that my name has been shortlisted for nomination for the “Outstanding Leadership Award” by their research team based on five criteria:

Leadership Reputation

Educational Background

Professional Experience

Creative Thinking

Decisive Leadership

What makes me happy is that if I qualify, I will showcase my new and innovative Plapol Software we are about to launch next week.


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