Authenticity builds trust and good rapport

Authenticity builds trust and good rapport

While we go about our businesses we must not hide behind computers but come out so that clients can feel they were dealing with a real person. Often we see entrepreneurs portraying differently in public than who they real are.

I am proud of myself, how I look, what I wear every day and want my readers to know who I am and what I do so that they feel comfortable and relate to me in what way they believe and feel about me. That is being authentic!

Dr Christina Hibbert wrote, “However, it’s also freeing. Freeing to just be who I am, to share myself with others. It hasn’t always come easy. There have been plenty of times when I have tried to be someone else or tried to hide who I really am or even times when I just didn’t feel worthy of sharing myself with others. Many of these I write about in my book, because I want to be honest and real. Living authentically is living honestly. As I open up and share myself, I feel an ease and love in my life. I also find I am not the only one who feels like I do or thinks as I do. And, in sharing, I help others get to realize and feel they are not alone too”.

Why is it so hard to just be who we are? After all, none of us really wants to be inauthentic. I think, deep down, we all wish we could feel free to just be ourselves. There are plenty of reasons why we fail to be “real,” including the following:
It’s hard to know who you are when it’s all covered up with the craziness of life. We can get so caught up in all we have to do that we fail to be who we truly are. Slow down. Just for a few minutes. Sit quietly. Feel. Listen. Write about what you discover about who you are. Make time to be still and listen, and repeat every single day.

Today I wanted to come out and show my real picture at present so that you know who is behind CJ Investiment you see online. The articles you read about are my blood and sweat. Sometimes I reflect on things I have experienced in my life and share it with you. They may not be to your taste but to someone else because we are all different!

You are welcome to leave your comments below and share with the world what you believe in and enjoy in life.

Have a blessed day and looking forward to seeing your comments.

-Charles V. Kaluwasha.


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