Attract High-Net Investors by Tapping into a New Way of using LinkedIn

Attract High-Net Investors by Tapping into a New Way of using LinkedIn


Generating leads online has become increasingly important with in-person events, all but shelved during COVID. For multifamily investors and business owners, social media is an excellent outlet for attracting investors. And while most people turn to Facebook, another platform might be even more potent for raising capital

LinkedIn is designed for professionals seeking connections and makes it easy to identify potential prospects. It is a powerful tool that still has substantial organic reach, meaning your content can be seen by many of your connections.

And you can leverage the search functionality to identify ideal investors – such as doctors or private equity groups. Furthermore, unlike other platforms, you don’t have to build a massive following or post multiple times per day to consistently generate leads.


Yakov Smart is an expert at using LinkedIn to raise capital and attract investors and authored the book, Disrupting LinkedIn. In this episode, Yakov shares how to use LinkedIn to identify and connect with high-net-worth investors.


Besides, he highlights how to engage on the platform without creating content, critical insights on LinkedIn’s algorithm, and how to optimize your profile to attract clients.

If you’re here, you know that your ability to raise capital is the single biggest key to you being able to enjoy the kind of lifestyle and freedom you’ve always wanted.

The new LinkedIn offers massive potential for attracting high net-worth investors, making key contacts and raising the capital you’re looking for.

Finally, the LinkedIn Capital Raising Accelerator program offers a unique system for attracting more of your BEST investors consistently.

It’s a system you’ll be able to rely on for years to come as you continue raising capital and accelerating your business by tapping into a new way of using LinkedIn.

Attracting Investors on LinkedIn with Yakov Smart.


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