Are you smart? Take a Free IQ Test now

Are you smart? Take a Free IQ Test now

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According to Psychologists, there are four types of Intelligence:

1) Intelligence Quotient (IQ)
2) Emotional Quotient (EQ)
3) Social Quotient (SQ)
4) Adversity Quotient (AQ)

1. Intelligence Quotient (IQ): this is a score that indicates how well you understand things. To answer math problems, memorise information, and recall lessons, you need IQ.

2. Emotional Quotient (EQ): This is a metric that measures your capacity to keep peace with others, stay on schedule, be responsible, be honest, respect boundaries, be humble, sincere, and compassionate.

3. Social Quotient (SQ): this is a measurement of your capacity to form and sustain a long-term friendship network.

Higher EQ and SQ people are more likely to succeed in life than those with a high IQ but low EQ and SQ. Most schools place a premium on increasing IQ scores, while EQ and SQ are undervalued.

Even if he has an average IQ, a man with a high IQ can be hired by a man with a high EQ and SQ.

Your Character is represented by your EQ, while your Charisma is represented by your SQ. Allow yourself to develop behaviours that will improve these three Qs, particularly your EQ and SQ.

There is now a fourth, a new paradigm:

4. The Adversity Quotient (AQ): This is a measurement of your ability to get through a difficult period in life without losing your mind.

When confronted with difficulties, AQ predicts who will give up, abandon their family, and ponder suicide.

Please, parents, introduce your children to areas of life other than academics. They should enjoy manual labour, sports, and the arts (never use work as a form of punishment).

Their IQ, as well as their EQ, SQ, and AQ, should be developed. They should grow into diverse individuals capable of functioning independently of their parents.

Last but not least, do not prepare the way for your kids. Get your kids ready for the road.


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