Alumni for Mentoring Program

Alumni for Mentoring Program


This year I have been accepted to mentor students about to graduate from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. It is a unique privilege and honour to give back to the university and also help the graduate in their future career.

Overview of the program

The Alumni as Mentors initiative connects final-year students with alumni in mutually beneficial collaborations aimed at assisting students with their transition into the workforce. Mentoring allows students to increase their employability skills and understanding of the workplace, while alumni can further their personal and professional growth, feel good about giving back, and stay connected to the university community no matter where they are.

Why Should You Become a Mentor?
TALK TO A STUDENT  about your experience and insights.
CONNECT with the University in a meaningful way

STRENGTHEN your professional connections

IMPROVE your professional and personal development.

Why Should You Become a Mentee?
IMPROVE your job-search abilities, such as CV writing and interviewing tactics.
EXPLORE your job alternatives and create a plan for your future.

IDENTIFY your professional objectives.

STRENGTHEN your professional connections

Basic Information
Profile Url :

Education background and work experience Field(s) of study :

Postgraduate study :
Master of Nursing(Clinical)

Entrepreneurship and marketing

Industry experience :
Health Services / Nursing
Property / Business Services
Current job title :
Registered Nurse(Clinical)
Current organisation or company :
Peel Health Campus
Current role description :
A registered nurse in the emergency department, taking care of acute
presentations in resuscitation rooms and short-stay units
Career bio :
As a holder of a master’s degree, I have the understanding and implementing
research and embrace leadership, educational practice roles in a hospital
Over my 30 years plus I have served in different roles from general nurse to
a clinical nurse practitioner in different hospitals and countries such as
overseas, New Zealand and Australia.
Recently I have partnered with an overseas company to provide coaching,
mentoring and e-learning services in entrepreneurship and basic business
Years of professional experience :
15+ years
LinkedIn profile :
Mentoring motivations and preferences
Areas of support offered :
Business skills
Career planning & progression
Leadership skills
Working overseas

Location of mentor/mentee preference :
Mentee preferences :
Student ethnicity preference
Student gender preference

We also offer private mentorship courses on our platform at competitive fees for 6 weeks


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